Discipline is the new black!

When I started blogging I thought I might be something special. 🙂  You know a Disc priest blogging and all that jazz.  I knew about a few priest bloggers such as Matticus, Dwarf Priest and The Egotistical Priest, but they were all Holy priests.  There were probably a few Disc bloggers but I was blissfully ignorant off them.

Now days there are plenty of Disc bloggers.  Below are the well dressed priests of 2009:

There are a few die hard bloggers in the frumpy frocks still selling the good oil on Holyness:

One interesting observation is that all the Disc blogs are newish, where as the Holys have a the better established blogs.  Perhaps we’re just a flash in the pan and next year Shadow spec will be the new black…  Or perhaps all us Disc healers will discover that no we just can’t cut it without CoH and swap back to Holy.

Gobble gobble.

*Hopes this was sufficiently tongue in check*


2 Responses to Discipline is the new black!

  1. Derevka says:

    Heh… thanks Bob for the link! 🙂 though…. frumpy? Is that a shot at the female dwarf in me? /rawr!

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