Raid IDs 101

Some of you are going to read this and go, “well duh”!  But for some of us this is all new and exciting.

Firstly a short background.  I only hit 70 about two weeks before Wrath came out.  I did a grand total of one raid in TBC, which was a charity run of Kara with about seven highly geared and bored guildies and about three complete novices such as myself.  So i’m no raid expert.

Fast forward to a few months after Wrath’s release.  I’m still no raid expert, but we have two very easy raids to get into (Vault and Obsidian Sanctum) and Naxxramas, which while less easy to walk into as a PUG, is still pretty easy to get a group with.  So any old noob can raid in Wrath.

This means that a lot more people will be raiding, including a lot more casual players.  If your a raid novice like me you will discover these things called raid ID’s and while vaguely knowing its related to which raids you’ve done and which you haven’t but not really have any idea of the intricacies.

So what are raid IDs and how do they work?  When you go into a raid or heroic you will be assigned a raid ID at about the time the first pull ends (it’s highly variable).  This is also commonly refered to as being “saved” to an instance.  What this means is that if you exit and come back in you will return to the same instance.  A trap for newbies is that even if you change parties you will still come back into the instance your saved in.  Where your fellow party members go is complicated and depends if they are saved or not in the instance your entering.  If no one is saved for the instance everyone goes into the same fresh copy of the instance.  If anyone is saved I believe this is still the case:

“If you have an ID and they don’t, and you all zone in, they get a new instance, and you get the one you were in previously.

If you are party leader and they zone in, they get your ID and whatever was down in your instance is down.

If you have different IDs you get zoned into different instances.”

You become unsaved or what’s sometimes known as “reset” at some time in the future.  This is variable depending on the instance.  Heroics reset the following day, I think after 24 hours.  The raids reset on a specific day of the week.  On my server this appears to be Wednesday (its probably actually midnight Tuesday, but timezones, etc effectively make it sometime on Wednesday).

In the olde days you used to have to type ‘/raidinfo’ to find out when you were to be reset for an instance.  Since the 3.0.2 Echoes of Doom patch and the implementation of the in-game calendar you can now just open your calendar and it will show you when each instance you are saved for will reset.

One other thing to know is that the 10 and 25 man versions of the raids are saved to different raid IDs. What this means is that you can do both the 10 and 25 man versions each week.

Any questions or corrections?  Leave a comment.


3 Responses to Raid IDs 101

  1. emptyay says:

    l like the calendar-shows-you-your-resets thing.

    I believe Heroics reset at 4am PST (7am EST, 6am Central, 5am Mountain?) which is also 4am sever time. I think. Pretty sure.

    I never really raided in TBC, other than Kara which I did every week beginning the day I hit 70 (about 5 weeks before WotLK.) I think things like Gruuls and Mags were on different timers, not the weeklong ones that Kara and such were on. More like…three days or four or something. Less than seven. And yes, resets for weeklong saves are Tuesdays, again at 4am PST/server time.

    Anyway, great post. I didn’t know any of these things when I hit 70, so it’s good to know that all your readers will be smarter than I was when they hit 80.


  2. emptyay says:

    Yes, yes. Stop posting so much good stuff and taking up all my time 😉

    Damn you for being interesting and insightful.

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