One handers vs two handers

I’m not sure why but Turkelife has always been a one handed kinda girl.  She gave up her staff and took up a dagger and random off-hand item about level 20 and has never swapped back.  Sixty levels later she is still a one hand wielder.

However recently i’ve gone into this weird zone about itemisation and gearing her up.  I’ve been researching about whats best where and how to get it.  I was strangely excited when I discovered the War Mace of Unrequited Love.  Here was an awesome one handed weapon in a heroic which at that stage I could actually do.  I dutifuly ‘farmed’ it, or more accurately it dropped the first time I ran Heroic Nexus… but the Shadow Priest won the roll for it.  The second time I ran the instance it dropped again and this time I was the only person interested in it.  I excitedly bought a Prison Manifest off the auction house for 50g to pair it with and recently upgraded the manifest to a Handbook of Obscure Remedies.

Anyway, that conversation about Beimba scores has started me on a gearing challenge between Turkelife and the other priests in the guild (who don’t even know they are participating 🙂 ).  I started stalking their profiles to see what gear they had and other unusual (at least for me) behaviour.   It was during one of these spying trips that I noticed that a couple of them were using two handed weapons rather than one handers and off hands.  On talking to them in our heal chat one of the priests was excited about trying to get a Staff of Draconic Combat from Heroic Oculus.  I didn’t think much about it at the time, but later I started wondering if perhaps I was wrong and a 2 hander was the way to go.  So I ran the numbers.

Staff of Draconic Combat War Mace of Unrequited Love +Handbook of Obscure Remedies Difference
Stamina 67 0 43 -24
Intelligence 90 49 36 -5
Spirit 69 0 38 -31
Haste 88 0 25 -63
Spell Power 408 408 59 +59
MP5 0 19 0 +19
My LootRank 396.26 304.96 101.74 +10.44
Dwarf Priest’s Loot Rank 384.96 304.96 91.34 +11.34

What does this tell you?  I compared the Staff of Draconic Combat vs the War Mace of Unrequited Love and the Handbook of Obscure Remedies (costs 25 Emblems of Heroism, i.e. about 5 heroic instance runs), which is the combination I am currently using.  The Mace+Handbook combo are actually easier to get than the Staff for most priests.  The staff has nice wads of Stamina, Intelligence and Spirit.  It also has a good dose of Haste and some Spell Power. The Mace+Handbook combo have less Stamina, slightly less Intellect, less Spirit, less Haste, a bit more Spell power and a good dose of MP5.  Based on the differences I thought the Staff would be superior, but check out the LootRanks. Dwarf Priest’s is based straight off her excellent postMine is a slight modification of hers with less weight given to Haste, more to Crit and a moderate weighting for Stamina (the original has no weight for Stamina).  In both LootRanks the Mace+Handbook combo come out in front (just).

So the morale of this story is that unless you need the haste, or have oodles of MP5, your probably better going for the Mace+Handbook combo.   I actually prefer the 1 hander + off hand combination generally as it means I get more frequent small upgrades compared to less frequent but larger upgrades with the 2 hander.

Gobble gobble.

Edit:  this post didn’t really get to where it was supposed to re: 1handers vs 2 handers, but hopefully its useful.  The items used for comparison are pretty much the best in-slot items before you get a fair way into Naxx 10.


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