Random rambles about Turkelife

I’ve been sprouting a lot of intelligent sounding posts lately so its time for a status update and some rambling.

Turkelife is still questing slowly through Zul’Drak and only needs 15 more quests to finish the zone.  I have to say this is probably my least favourite zone to quest in.  The quest chain where you disguise yourself as a zombie is really good, but otherwise they are a bit ho-hum.  The last quest I did involved throwing grenades into Nerubian craters.  I was just about to give up on it and when I looked it up on Wowhead for the third time.  I looked at the images and discovered the craters are actually more like little tan pimples and look nothing like craters.  Anyway, 15 to go then I can go and work on the Storm Peaks. I should have enough finances to buy my Artisan flying skill pretty soon, so Storm Peaks should be quite a bit of fun.  I’ve read there are some cool quests there too.  I also want to try out the very fast rug i recently sewed.

Turkelife has been running as many heroics as she can fit in around my real life.  She’s done H Nexus several times and got the war mace.  The last heroic she ran was Heroic CoS, which was quite fun.  I’ve tried H Violet Hold three times.  I say tried because Turkelife is a bad luck charm for that instance.  So far the bosses i’ve seen are the big blueberry followed by Xeraxx on the first run (which we gave up on), Xevozz straight up on the second run, which we gave up on after 4 wipes and Xeraxx (OMG!) on the third run which we gave up on after X wipes.  We almost killed him one time, but his lightning balls plus his 5k on plate hits are fatal when he teleports everyone to him.  Poor little Turkelife trying to heal 5 players all taking about 2k DPS = wipe.  On the up side the result of these runs and winning the roll for the sack of spoils from OS 10 is that she has a nice new off-hand and is one emblem from a new shiny.

Turkelife has also finished her Wyrmrest rep and now has some new shoes.  Time to start on the Kirin Tor in earnest for a new smock.

Turkelife is also running Naxx 10, Vault 10 and OS 10 regularly with the guild.  The latter two are a nice easy loot run for some emblems, but Naxx 10 isn’t going so well.  Our guild group, which I must admit is still settling down, has run it twice.  The first run (which was the very first guild run in Naxx) we almost cleared the Spider Wing and got Maexxna down to about 10%.  The second run was pretty poor and we had trouble surviving the first web spray.  We had some virgin players in Naxx and i’m not too worried, but it would be nice to move on at least to the next wing.  Naxx 10 is my dedicated guild time, but i’ll be working harder at getting into 25 man pug raids when time allows.  Turkelife has done both OS 25 and Vault 25 once each and for a novice raider they were crazy fun.


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