Updated Priest Stat Targets

I wrote a post ages ago about this but i’ve refined it a fair bit with expereince.  Here are my current suggested starting stat targets for priests (all unbuffed but including talents):

Heroics – Spellpower: 1300, IFSR MP5: 200, Spirit: 600, Int: 900, Crit: 12%
Naxx 10 (T7) – Spellpower: 1400, IFSR MP5: 230, Spirit: 600, Int: 900, Crit: 14%
T8? – Spellpower: 2100, IFSR MP5: 370, Spirit: 1000, Int: 1100, Crit: 20%, Haste: 10%

These targets are slightly biased towards a discipline priest, but won’t be too far off for Holy priests.  The Tier 8 targets are not going to be spot-on as i’m not there yet 🙂  Turkelife is probably suitably geared to finish Naxxramas, or close to it, and her current stats are:

Turkelife – Spellpower: 1642, MP5: 301, Spirit: 687, Int: 1053, Crit: 14%, Haste: 7%

I’ve also not listed Haste goals for heroics and Naxx 10 as I consider them optional until you’ve met the other goals.  Personally I aimed for meeting the goals in this order spell power, MP5, Int, crit, haste and then spirit.  I’m currently working on improving Turkelife’s crit as i’d like to see it closer to 20% (unbuffed).

Gobble gobble.


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