Don’t annoy the enhancement shaman

T’was a busy long weekend here in Oz. I did lots of stuff which i’m not going to bother mentioning, but some interesting things did happen.

My pet pally tank got his account hacked twice over the last couple of weeks, which is a really nasty thing to happen to anybody. He got much of his gear back, but it has led him to re-considering what he wants to do in-game. Don’t leave us! We’ll miss you Dee!

The before mentioned pally, who claimed to no longer be able to tank heroics since the hacking, discovered he still had 540 Def, even if he lost a big chunk of dodge. He’s always been difficult to heal as he’s too busy flirting to concentrate on his tanking, but at least he’s fun to play with πŸ˜‰ So we conned him into tanking heroic CoT: Culling of Stratholme, which is a popular instance in our guild. Much to his surprise the pally could still tank just fine and the run chugged along well (not well enough for a Bronze Drake though).

Everything went well until the gauntlet in the lead up to the final boss. Firstly Arthas went into leeroy mode. He didn’t pull the entire gauntlet as he has been seen doing once before, but he did go on a killing spree apparently ignoring any groups we were killing. We were in a killing frenzy of our own trying to keep up with him so when we got to the end of the gauntlet and someone said. “Where is Arthas?” we all started cursing him soundly. We turn around to discover the gauntlet has been reset. Doh! So we fight back to the beginning and discover Arthas has respawned there and is waiting. Phew! We take a short break for drinks etc.

Yours truely returns and discovers the tank and rogue are still afk, so she turns around and sizes up the “one-Holy-Nova-killable” zombies near the beginning of the gauntlet. I never normally use Holy Nova, but I once topped the DPS charts in normal CoS using it on the zombie trash. Anyway,being bored she decides to amuse herself by killing a few. Of course until the first 6k hit lands she doesn’t notice the elite ghoul in the middle. Priest dies. The pair of mages valantly get the ghoul to about 10% before it kills them both and then promptly chews through the AFK rogue and pally… Doh! Ummm, sorry all. πŸ™‚ Lucky it was a guild run.

Corpse run, res, gauntlet, Malganis dies, heroic daily done. Band of Guile drops again and this time I win it. What a marathon. At least the reputation was good!

What else? Finally finished the quests in Drak’Thal. OMG that must be the most annoying zone to quest in! Not only are the quests spread out everywhere, but the names are all similar so half the time I get lost and go to the wrong place. Its good to be finished and be moving on to Storm Peaks. Turkelife needs to look into these Sons of Hadir or whatever they are called. Apparently they sell shoulder enchants…

Turkelife is pretty much geared out except raids now, so her play time is going to wind back a little. I picked up Turkemoo, initially just to re-apply his talents after the shaman talent reset, but one thing led to another and before I knew it I was questing with him. Wow! I’d forgotten how easy questing can be. Questing with a Disc priest isn’t difficult, but its not glamours. Its just single pull, single pull, single pull all the way. Enhancement shaman on the other hand have about 35 abilities on various cool downs and they are not the sort of toons you want to piss-off (can you say piss-off on the web?).

My case in point is a quest to kill some centaur looking Keeper guy in Howling Fjord. He’s in the middle of a number of shambling vegetables all the same as Turkemoo (71). Turkemoo was tired of single pulling them so he lumbers (he’s a tauren) into the middle and Earth Shocks the Keeper and realises he has a couple of the shamblers too. No problem I think and drop my Earth Elemental to tank for me. Oh they have a huge AoE taunt? Oh there are 7 shamblers and the Keeper now? Pops Feral Spirits, drops normal totems accidentally killing the Earth Elemental, drops Shamanistic Rage, drops Bloodlust, its killing time!! Slaughter is the only word for it. Β  Sure I was on about 20% health at the end, even after using Lifeblood, but the shamblers dropped like flies. T’was a thing of beauty and very good for releasing whack-a-mole healing tension πŸ™‚

Finally at some stage Turkelife managed to fit in her first Naxx 25. Long story short, its easier than Naxx 10. I got to do the Mind Control job for Grand Widow Faelina, which was interesting and she dropped the best in-slot gloves (by my reckoning anyway). I won them! *happy dance* I only had time for the Arachnid Quarter, but we one shotted all the bosses. I must try and fit in some more 25 person raids.



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