Flash vs Greater Heals

There is some debate currently regarding the death of Greater Heal.  The basic story is that people have stopped using it because it is too slow to cast or something.

I’m thinking *I* must be a bit slow or something because i’ve always used it and can’t see why I would stop using it.  Sure it’s not your first choice as a reactive heal when someone starts taking damage, but it still has its uses.

Arguments for dropping it from your bar include:

  1. Greater Heal is overhealing more because its too slow and others are landing heals faster.  I’m no raid genius but if this is a problem you probably have at least one of two issues.  One, you have too many healers for your current level of content.  Or two, You have healers are more concerned about healing meters than keeping people alive.
  2. Flash has a glyph and Greater heal doesn’t.  Yes apparently the 10% mana reduction from the Glyph of Flash heal is contributing to the death of Greater Heal.  Go figure.
  3. More people are raiding as Disc and are no longer stop casting Greater Heals.
  4. The T7 set bonus, reducing your Greater Heal cost by 5%, is too hard to get and too useless to be worth having.
  5. Surge of Light is training priests to use Flash Heal more often.

Interestingly the original poster on the Plus Heal thread just said they were using Flash more and Greater less, not removing Greater all together.  Which appears to be a general trend ATM.  The thread is well worth reading as there are some excellent points in Flash vs Greater debate.  Some being:

  • Zusterke – “the selection between GHeal and FHeal should be based on the damage and healing pattern”
  • Beanne – “the number of healers make a difference. If you take too many, and in Naxx, 5 is too many for us, your greater heals will be too late”
  • Riprap – “We’re at the beginning of the gear cycle. Everyone’s health is as low now as it’s going to be. As we get more and more gear onto the raid and especially the tanks, there will be a lot bigger health bars to fill up, and a lot bigger hitting bosses to deal with”

As Disc spec Penance replaces both Flash and Greater Heals generally.  So as a Disc priest when am I using Greater Heal?  Firstly in 5-mans and heavy hits on raid tanks i’m using it in the PW:S –> Penance –> Greater Heal combo.  Add Prayer of Mending on the end and you have a 6k shield and 25k of heals in about 7s (if nothing crits).  Secondly post enrage timer i’m spamming it when Penance, PW:S, PoM are on cool down and the target has the Renew buff. Thirdly, if damage isn’t too spiky, I use it with Inner Focus for a nice crit and Divine Aegis.

As a Disc priest when am i using Flash Heal?  Firstly I sometimes use it for topping up non-tanks in both 5 mans and raids.  This depends on how much damage they have taken as I will usually just chuck Renew on them if its not much or Prayer of Healing if everyone needs a top up.  Secondly I use it as a panic heal on tanks when Penance, PW:S and PoM are on cool down. One or two on the tank who is very low, combined with Pain Suppression if available, will usually buy enough time for more important/faster heals to come off cool down or to build a buffer to cast Greater Heal.

So is there a point to this post?  🙂 Not really, but if there was perhaps it would be that I think the use and role of Greater Heal has changed with Wrath, but we’re not going to see the death of it.


2 Responses to Flash vs Greater Heals

  1. Anea says:

    Thanks for bringing this post to my attention. I’ve been slacking on my PlusHeal reading for a while and would have completely missed it. I’ve been in my own little healy world and had no idea there was such a controversy over my favorite heal.

    My attitude is the same as Zuzterke: “the selection between GHeal and FHeal should be based on the damage and healing pattern”

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