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This post is just a summary of the loot system we use when raiding.  I’m writing it because I love to hear the sound of my own voice.  No, actually … well yes that, but also Fear.Win got me thinking about loot systems a little in his recent post.

Dead or Alive is a casual raiding guild.  We have about 25 raid capable players.  We currently have two 10 man raid teams going.  I have no idea what you would name our system and it was in place before I joined the guild.

We use a master looter for epics only.  The master looter names (by name or class or raid role) who can roll on each item.  Generally its one epic per raid instance, but this is quite flexible largely because we are all friendly.  For example it’s common for someone to pass on a small upgrade if someone else is still wearing a blue.  If no one wants to roll on it then people who already have an epic for the night get a chance and then finally people who can use it off-spec.  If no one uses it then it’s disenchanted and the bits get put in the guild bank.

At the very start of our Naxx raiding (2 Jan 2009 was our first raid) we kinda prioritised our MT, but after that there was no priority given.  There hasn’t really been any need to prioritise healers or others as everyone pretty much works on their own gear outside of raids.

We’re just past the starting out stage of Naxx 10 and there isn’t a ton of loot dropping every night (2-6 bosses).   After 3 resets one group has cleared the Arachnid and Military Quarters and the other is still wrestling with Maexxna.

I’ve never been in a guild that uses DKP or loot council or any of the other systems, but this one works pretty darn well.  I think a large chunk of it is because everyone is pretty friendly and easy going.  Most of our members are also in the “mature” category, however you’d like to define it.

Gobble gobble.


8 Responses to Our Loot System

  1. emptyay says:

    Yeah, I’ve never been too big on guilds with complicated systems. I think those are mostly in place because the people in that guild are too selfish, too stupid, or they put way too much stake in a game. One of my early Kara runs, we pugged in another priest because she could bring an MT along. I was going into Kara for two drops. They both dropped. She rolled and won both.

    Now, most guild people (persons?) would cry foul and all kinds of crap. But guess what? Without her, there’s no MT, and that means no Kara. No drops for anyone.

    And the next week, I got those two drops I was looking for, and the raid was easier for having run the week before, since me losing those two pieces of gear still meant that the rest of the guildies picked up some nice things.

    For me, every raid is a clean slate. Anyone who shows up and is willing to spend upwards of three hours in front a screen getting hit by things or healing said hittees deserves to have a chance to get something nice.

    semi-rant over.


  2. BobTurkey says:

    Yeah I agree. People who get upset because they are there every week and the pug or fill in dares to roll on ‘their’ loot I have trouble understanding. Sure there is consideration for other players but as you said everyone is there spending the same time playing, etc.

  3. Myssidia says:

    =O Our’s is by Master Looter as well, but the raid leader changes almost every raid depending on which officer is leading. Some of the leaders aren’t as good at the distribution as possible. Of course, some of our raiders are dumb as bricks, too. Example: Tank ring drops. Hunter rolls on it saying he “wants expertise so his pet doesn’t miss.” Raid leader accepts roll. Hunter wins over the OT who has two blue rings. I die a little inside.

  4. Fear.Win says:

    This is pretty much what my guild used before we started getting a lot more bosses down. With each boss dropping 2 pieces of loot, in a perfect world everyone would have 1 epic in the first five bosses. Since there are 15 bosses in Naxx, the one epic per night rule kind of made things problematic with people wanting to save their “one epic” for their tier 7 tokens, passing up other non-tier upgrades.

    It’s much easier to divy loot when everyone knows each other and uses common sense and courtesy. If we could all only be so lucky lol.

  5. BobTurkey says:

    @Myssidia – yeah no loot system is gonna cure stupid unfortunantly.

    @fear.win – conversely once you are dropping a lot of bosses in a night much of the loot that drops is no longer of use to anyone, so is being sharded. So one epic per night might still work.

    I can’t really comment on the “saving their epic for the tier 7 token” thing cause we haven’t really experienced that and from a Disc healers point of view T7 is not much/no better than any other loot. Maybe others are doing it and I just haven’t noticed yet.

  6. Fear.Win says:

    Naxx is an easy raid to learn for any group with pre-WOTLK raid experience so you’ll probably clear it withing 2-3 weeks of stepping foot in there. It took our guild 5 days to learn all the fights and clear the place so there was never a lot of wasted loot. The upgrades were pretty consistant. Now that we’ve cleared it a few times and have it on one-night farm status, we’re seeing more gear to go offspecs but the learning stage went by fast with little room to see duplicate drops.

  7. BobTurkey says:

    We’ve never cleared it and moved on to Naxx 25 instead. The loot from heroics is pretty good and being a casual guild Naxx 25 over a couple of nights seems to be better. You can also carry a couple of sub-geared players in 25 much more easily than Naxx 10 (so far anyway).

    A bit strange in some ways. I’ve never even seen about 5 of the bosses.

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