Random 3.1 commentary

27 February 2009

Ver 3.0.9 (going to have to add this to every new post as things change a lot from patch to patch)

*crawls out of bed*

Geez what a bad time to be sick.  So much excitement about 3.1.  I’ll assume you can find the patch notes by yourself.  😛 Some pretty massive changes all around and especially for disc priests.  Our entire play style will be changing in 3.1.

Looks like PW:S will go from being a regular spell in our rotation to pretty much the main event, limited only by the (15s) weakened soul debuff.  IMHO Penance will become an even better substitute for Flash Heal with a talented and glyphed 6s CD.  Although having said that looks like Flash might be getting some buffing with Improved Flash Heal. *shrugs*

Mana regen is getting interesting.  If you have Replenishment in your raid, which is even more likely with some mages getting it now too, Int stacking will still be the way to go and you will still have near unlimited mana. However without Replenishment things are getting interesting.  Rapture looks to be impaled and OS5SR mana regen  is getting a 40% nerf.  I’ll wait till the dust settles, but things look OK for disc priests ATM.

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Patch 3.1 preview

25 February 2009

No time for insightful comment, but make sure you check out some of these.

Glyphs especially are interesting changes.  2 more seconds off the Penance CD? Yes please.  15s off the Fade CD?  Nice also.

Unending commentry and analysis of 3.1 incoming (some of it no doubt on this blog).

Gobble gobble.

Noth and the Mana Pot

24 February 2009

It hasn’t happened probably since I was a Prot Monk GvGing in GuildWars, but Saturday night I finished a fight pumped and trembling with adrenaline.

Some background.  We’re a casual raiding guild and will probably still be finishing Naxx when 3.1 comes out.  So no hardcore raiders here.  Last week we one-shotted Noth the Plaguebringer (or maybe 2-shot, can’t remember) for the first time in 25 man.  This week, having a grand total of zero shadow priests we skip our usual Military Wing and move onto Plague Wing and Noth.

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Discipline priest gear ranking

23 February 2009

I’m a big fan and user of LootRank.  I’m not religious about using it but I find it a great website for determining what is good and whats not.

I was pondering the proposed mana regen changes when it occurred to me that the change to spirit in the outside-five-second-rule (OS5SR) formula would effect the relative value of gear.  Gear with spirit will generally be less valuable than prior to the change. (well duh!)

Given these ideas I thought now might be a good time to post about the LootRank i’m using as a discipline priest.  So here goes.

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Thoughts on my dual specs

21 February 2009

Dual specs yay!

What’s this all about?  This bit about only being able to change specs at a Lexicon of Power?  Or some sort of Incriber thingy?  Seems a bit of a strange restriction.  I was thinking they might allow us to change them in a inn or similar. *shrugs

Dual spec to include separate glyphs for each spec?  Cool.  It wouldn’t really be proper dual spec without the changing glyphs.  I mean its not like you can change your glyphs like you can gear.
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