WTB Quality DPS

Don’t you hate it when you’re skillfully crafting a blog post about something and just when your about ready to post it someone else steals your thunder (although in this case my thunder is a whimper compared to that of Euripedes’)? 🙂

Anyway, I learnt an important lesson recently.  Pretty much everything can be solved by adding more DPS 😉  Ok, maybe not everything but a lot.

I was one of those players who knew good healers were important (not that i’m biased or anything) and good tanks were a must, but DPS, well they grow on trees right?  I mean group formation is like:

Got tank/s – check
Got healer/s – check
Right fill her up with DPS please!
But im becoming a changed priestess.  Recent raiding with the guild has got me thinking about other people, not just myself (briefly).  We have some excellently geared tanks.  By the second week of raiding healing was no longer an issue.  So how come it took so long to get past Maexxna? … The DPS were still gearing up.  A few were ready right off the bat and well geared, but 3 or 4 geared DPS spread among two 10 person raids just isn’t going to cut it.  Thankfully now most are cranking up the DPS volume so-to-speak.

Likewise in heroics.  The difference between a 30 minute romp for emblems and a 2 hour grind, where only some innate sense of duty prevents you resetting your PC after the first hour, is almost always good DPS.

I’m developing a theory about DPS (players).  I used to think that people playing DPS toons were just the ones who couldn’t cut it as tanks or healers.  Yes pretty role-est eh?  But now i’m finding two types.  Sure there are plenty of useless ones, but there are also those that are excellent players and could cut it in any role.  These are the hunters who stand near the healer and trap or use their pet to intercept agro on the healer.  Or the Death Knights using Death Grip to pull mobs off the healer and back next to the tank.

So next time you’re starting those evil thoughts about one of the DPS’ers in your group just remember not to tar them all with the same brush.  The good ones are worth keeping close.

Gobble gobble.


2 Responses to WTB Quality DPS

  1. Euripedes says:

    Using my uber leet haxorz skillz, I hacked into your brain while you slept and stole all of your ideas for everything ever.

    I liked the one with the duck the most.

  2. BobTurkey says:

    As long as you didn’t discover the one involving cow farts and saving the environment … 🙂

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