Dr Turkelife is in the house

Now that’s scarey.  I was just composing my next post about mana regen on the train and then I read Banana Shoulders post about mana regen nerf.  *Tries not to think of how good the proposed changes  to priests are in 3.1*

Anyway onto the post.  Last night while working our way through the trash on the way to the Four Horsemen the other raiding Disc priest in our on crack guild healing team asked my why I always have so much mana (see told you it was spooky). Umm, I don’t know I said in between pulls, while trying to listen to Vent and hold a RL conversation with my partner.  When I gave it some more thought I couldn’t remember ever going OOM, while healing, since the 3.0.2 patch.  I mean EVER!  And I don’t think the mana regen nerf above is actually going to have a huge effect on me, but that’s meat for another post.

So lets have a look at us both (unbuffed).

Spellpower: 1731, IFSR MP5: 280, Spirit: 595, Int: 1066, Crit: 14.62%, Haste: 13.2%
Mana pool: 19573
Insightful Earthsiege metagem – check
Darkglow Embroidery – check

Spellpower: 1415, IFSR MP5: 255, Spirit: 478, Int: 967, Crit: 12.91%, Haste: 13.6%
Mana pool: 18088
Insightful Earthsiege metagem – nope (no meta slot)
Darkglow Embroidery – nope (15 Haste instead)

Ahh, not such a conundrum.  I straight up out-gear her.  While composing this on the train I was having all these thoughts about play style and complicated reasons for the difference in mana-regen, but it’s nothing so involved.  Just gear.

So what next?  Well next chance I get i’ll pm her and tell her two of the best things she can do to improve mana regen is one, get a hat with a metagem slot and put an Insightful Earthsiege Diamond in it and two, put Darkglow Embroidery on her cloak.  Actually i’ll make one and send it to her. Never mind, you can only embroider your own stuff (tailors only).  Maybe I’ll send her a piece of Ebonweave.

These two things will improve her mana regen significantly.  I think Insightful Earthsiege Diamond is worth about 75 MP5 so i’d guess the Darkglow would be worth about 37 MP5.  112 MP5 is nothing to sneeze at.  These are awesome enchants!  They proc fairly often, off just about any cast, and sometimes at the same time.  I’ve had them both proc off the last tick of Penance several times.

Dr Turkelife has now left the building.


2 Responses to Dr Turkelife is in the house

  1. Soiitude says:

    Thanks Turk!

    I made myself a Wispcloak and put Darkglow Embroidery on it.

    Haven’t gotten around to putting an Insightful Earthsiege Diamond in my crap hat. I’m waiting to get a hat upgrade first.

    Problem is my latency’s been too high to run any instances/heroics. Raids are pretty much out of the question at this stage.

    I looked u up on Be Imba! and you are now the most geared healer in the guild. I’m the lowest.

    Do u heal with the Global countdown thing in mind? Coz i sure don’t.

  2. BobTurkey says:

    Hey! Welcome aboard Soi.

    Thats a nice cloak that one. I’m still using exactly that combo ATM. You’ll find even the Darkglow a nice increase in mana regen.

    Yeah that latency makes things hard, especially raids.

    Gear-wise I just made a list of gear from Loot Rank (see the ‘About Turkelife’ link in the top menu) and set about collecting bits. Obviously if you can’t run heroics you’ll will be a bit more limited gear-wise.

    re: Heroics – I started with the easier ones (H UK, H Nexus, H DK). H Nexus in particular has a number of good drops for priests and isn’t too hard to heal with a half decent group.

    re:Be Imba, well you got me a bit excited about gearing after that comment in guild chat a month back about how a couple of the other priests were the best geared in the guild. I like a challenge 🙂

    I hope you enjoy the blog Soi.

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