The lag it burns!

Just a quickie.  We did our first guild Naxx 25 over the weekend (plus a few pugs).

T’was fun, but oh my, what horrible lag.  We averaged four players DC’ed at any single point in time, so it was more like Naxx 20.  First trash pull in the Spider Wing and we get a patrol of little spiders as adds.  Half the raid DC’s. 😦  And not your, “oh I think i’ve DC’ed” type disconnect, when everything stops moving.  This was an unceremonious dumping to the WoW log in screen…

Hope it gets fixed soon.

Even solo leveling my shaman at 700 ping isn’t fun.  Strange thing was a few hours later I was down at 320, which is better than normal…


*crosses fingers for next Fridays raid*


3 Responses to The lag it burns!

  1. Anea says:

    Luckily, I haven’t run into any huge lag problems like that (I had my first Naxx 25 run this week myself!) and I hope that I don’t, even though I worry that I’ve jinxed myself just by writing this comment >.>

  2. I’ve seen lag in Naxx to the point where wow just stopped, and also pve leveling lag at over 3 seconds. Thats 3000. Try soloing as a Holy Priest and each spell has lag of 3000 added in for extra challenge. Brief hilarity followed by a corpse run.

  3. BobTurkey says:

    @Anea – How’d you go on your first Naxx 25 Anea?

    @Typhoon Andrew – yeah that shaman mentioned above had a brief stint of 3k ping including one burst mid-fight. I just starting dumping cool downs and I think the Feral Spirits and their healing saved me cause 15 or so seconds later, when the ping returned to a ‘normal’ 700, I was alive on about 10% health and the mob was dead.

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