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Turkelife is raiding Naxx 10 1-2 nights a week and Naxx 25 2 nights a week, which is consuming most of my play time currently. I’m not entirely sure if i’m happy with this as it leaves very little time to quest or play alts. I’ll wait a bit longer and see what happens.

Turkelife has however just (finally) acquired her very fast riding skill and can finally surf around on her very fast rug. Wow! Very fast is quite fast isn’t it? This is probably one of the hardest things i’ve completed in WoW (saving 5k gold). I’ve been saving questing in Ice Crown for this and I started a few of the quests in there over the weekend. So far it’s pretty umm meh, but i’ve just started. Apparently there is some good quests in the zone.

Naxx-wise the 10’s group is regularly clearing Arachnid and Military wings and has killed Patchwerk and Noth. The 25’s group just killed Haigan over the weekend (I missed that unfortunately), so both 10’s and 25’s are at about the same spot. I, and most of the guild, have not seen pretty much all the bosses we are up to so its learning new fights all around. 25’s seem to be mostly easier than 10’s, although Four Horsemen in 25’s were harder. Sir Zeliek‘s Holy Wrath, in particular, was a significant change, going from minor annoyance in 10’s to wipe inducing in 25’s.

Gear-wise Turkelife hasn’t been having any luck with rolls and hasn’t upgraded anything for a couple of weeks. The Tier 7.5 chest token was about the only thing I really, really wanted and I was rolling aginst about 10 players, as you do, for it, so such is life.

Of my other toons, Moowall has been Revenging himself through his rested XP and is up to level 38. He’s at that weird point in leveling where he is part way through Stranglethorn Vale, Duskwood Marsh and Altec Highlands and has to keep moving from one to the other to quest. Not such a problem except they are all spread out and on different continents. Revenge is ouputting scarey damage with 450+ criticals compared to a listed DPS of about 40.

Moowall is also wrestling with the profession restrictions for cooking and first aid.  Both have been maxed for ages and I finally managed to master Triage, so first aid can advance again. Next i’ll have to find the cooking trainer in Org and make my Clamlette Surprise so I can get my cooking leveling again…  I have a vague memory that the cooking quest is more annoying to complete than anything else.

Turkemoo has finished questing in Howling Fjord and has moved onto Borean Tundra. He’s almost 73. I’m giving some serious thought to changing him to Elemental at level 75 having seen the poor plight of non-plate DPS in many of the Heroics and raids i’ve been healing (one-shotted by whirlwinds, etc). He’s actually quite a lot of fun to play as Enhancement, which is making my decision harder. I think i’ll end up at least trying Elemental. He also finally got himself an equipable Totem, so he can put his earth/air/fire/water totems in the bank.

Gobble gobble.


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