A guide to easy raid icons

I notice that sometimes in PUG runs that no one bothers, or perhaps knows how to, put raid icons on mobs.  Marking up targets should be a fast and simple exercise so i’ve outlined some tips below.

Before the run go to Interface and Key Binds.  Scroll down and look for ‘Assign Skull to target’.  Select it and bind it to a key.  Bind other raid icons as needed.  Personally I suggest this setup or something similar:

  • Assign Skull to target = ctrl-Q
  • Assign Cross to target = ctrl-W
  • Assign Moon to target = ctrl-E
  • Clear Raid Target icon = ctrl-A

There are several more icons but this is usually enough.  If I really need more (very rare) I will right click on the target and assign them the slow way.

{skull} and {cross} seem to be pretty well accepted as primary and secondary targets.  {moon} is for CC or special attention.  I don’t bother with icons for each type of CC.  Its too confusing.  If i’m marking I usually just put {moon} on the CC target and type something like, “mage please sheep {moon}” or “rogue please sap {moon}”.  It seems to work just fine.

If i’m in charge I mark targets for two very important reasons.  One, it reduces (but not removes) the occurance of DPS hitting the wrong targets.  This saves a lot of time either with messy pulls or wipes.  The second reason is that it helps set the pace.  If things keep ticking over it prevents players getting bored and reduces frustration.  Rarely is a faster run not a better run.

Thats it.  Nothing complicated to it.  Once you get the hang of it it will take a few seconds per pull to mark.  Sure you can get fancy addons or bind six raid icons, but they probably won’t significantly improve your use of icons, except in a few rare occassions.

One other falacy is that its the tanks job to lead and mark.  This is not true at all.  Anyone can lead and mark.  I guess the current fad of tanks leading and marking has come about because by its nature bad tanks don’t last long,  DPS, as everyone knows barely have the facilities to do more than hit the broad side of a barn really hard, and healers have to squint to see the mobs anyway… 🙂

Gobble gobble.


4 Responses to A guide to easy raid icons

  1. Fear.Win says:

    Our tanks use an addon called QuickMarks. I’m not exactly sure how it works but for what it’s worth, here is the link for wow.curse.com:


  2. Lardgulp@Gundrak says:

    Great little piece of info! Thanks Bob.

  3. BobTurkey says:

    @Fear.Win – QuickMarks eh? I can’t find out much about it. Not even what its functionality is.

    @Lardgulp – You’re welcome.

  4. Fear.Win says:

    I just know our tanks use it lol. I went to curse and the download page has little to no information on how it works, etc. I’d have to download it and give it a shot I suppose.

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