Thoughts on my dual specs

Dual specs yay!

What’s this all about?  This bit about only being able to change specs at a Lexicon of Power?  Or some sort of Incriber thingy?  Seems a bit of a strange restriction.  I was thinking they might allow us to change them in a inn or similar. *shrugs

Dual spec to include separate glyphs for each spec?  Cool.  It wouldn’t really be proper dual spec without the changing glyphs.  I mean its not like you can change your glyphs like you can gear.

Dual spec to include some sort of built in gear wardrobe?  Ummm, not much fussed.  I suppose it will be useful.  Might save me half a dozen bag slots.

Toon-wise Turkelife will probably fiddle with her dual specs. She’ll probably start with picking up Holy as a 2nd spec, so I can try Holy (never ever been Holy spec’ed).  Then she’ll settle with either Disc or Holy and Shadow.  It might be kinda fun to DPS as a priest on the odd occasion and it will make Intructor Raz easier (and cheaper).

Turkemoo is in a state of flux.  He’s level 73 ATM, but as soon as I hit 75 and get Lava Burst i’m swapping to Elemental.  I love enhancement, but having been a healer I’m expecting that being a melee DPS, who isn’t wearing plate, will be a frustrating experience.  I know the rogues in our raids suffer a fair bit of collateral damage while DPSing.

He’ll probably be elemental and restoration as an off spec. I think.  Elem/Resto work reasonably well together because of the similarity of their gear.  Resto looks kind of interesting, but i’m a little concerned about having alts who are also healers.  One reason I was leveling them was to have something other than a healer to play.  Last thing I want is to end up as a healing priest and a healing shaman.  I think.

Thankfully these sort of concerns aren’t going to be a problem for Moowall.  Being a warrior his healing ability is quite limited. 😉  He’s currently Prot spec’ed.  At this stage I probably won’t even bother using dual specs with him.  Maybe.

Ok maybe “Dual specs yay!” was a bit strong.  Perhaps I should have said, “Dual spec will probably be good!” 🙂  Hmm, fluff post…


2 Responses to Thoughts on my dual specs

  1. Holy Dueg! says:

    I’m still up in the air over whether I’m going to go disc or shadow as my… secondary? primary off? who knows. Probably shadow since it will take a minimum of re-gearing, but I am intrigued with being all the healer I can be. And don’t fear the fluff posts, it just makes the meat posts that much better!

  2. My thought on dual spec is that its only offering half the real value by being limited to 80s only. The expense side is a way of creating yet another gold sink, but the level limit is plain crazy. I have most of my difficulty trying to adapt to many roles when pugging below 80.

    You might think getting a healer is hard at 80, then consider the horrible void that is 60-79.

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