Discipline priest gear ranking

I’m a big fan and user of LootRank.  I’m not religious about using it but I find it a great website for determining what is good and whats not.

I was pondering the proposed mana regen changes when it occurred to me that the change to spirit in the outside-five-second-rule (OS5SR) formula would effect the relative value of gear.  Gear with spirit will generally be less valuable than prior to the change. (well duh!)

Given these ideas I thought now might be a good time to post about the LootRank i’m using as a discipline priest.  So here goes.

My stat weighting is heavily based on DwarfPriests excellent work.  I have tinkered with some bits of her weightings though. Her values (at time of posting) are:

* Spellpower: 0.60
* Spirit: 0.40
* Intellect: 0.84
* Crit: 0.13
* Haste: 0.42
* MP5: 1.00
* Stamina 0.00

My changes to this ranking are…

Stamina 0.2

Firstly DwarfPriest didn’t include a weighting for stamina.  I like having a reasonable amount of health but figured it was less valuable than Intelligence or Spirit.  So I pulled an arbitrary figure of 0.2 out of the air for a stamina weighting.

Crit 0.33

Secondly I give critical rating a higher priority that DwarfPriest.  I experimented with a number of values but ended up at 0.33 (0.20 more that the original).

Haste 0.32

Thirdly I’m not a huge fan of haste on gear.  I like it but was finding the original weighting was placing too much emphasis on haste.  Once again I experimented with a number of values and ended up with 0.32 (0.10 less that the original).

Spirit 0.245 0.3295

Lastly, with an eye to the incoming OS5SR mana regen nerf to spirit I recalculated spirits weighting.  This time I didn’t just make numbers up 🙂  DwarfPriest assigns a value of 0.4 to spirit, of which 0.388 comes for spirits contribution of OS5SR mana regen.  Given that after the nerf spirit will be 40% less effective for mana regen I reduced it’s weighting by 40%.

Old OS5SR spirit value = 0.388
New OS5SR spirit value = 0.232
Difference = 0.155

Old total spirit value = 0.4
Minus difference of 0.155

New spirit value = 0.245

Edit: The above calculations were wrong.  It won’t make a huge difference to which gear you use, but here are the correct ones.

All OS5SR regen is getting a 40% nerf.  This is compensated by a increase of IS5SR regen from 30% to 50% via Meditation.  This results in no change to mana regen based on the one important assumption that you are IS5SR 100% of the time.  DwarfPriest’s numbers are based on 80% IS5SR time.

The formula is:  (OS5SR x time IS5SR x IS5SR regen) + (OS5SR x (1 – time IS5SR))

Old OS5SR spirit value = 0.8815
Old spirit weighting = (0.8815 x 0.8 x 0.3) + (0.8815 x (1 – 0.8)) = 0.3878
New spirit value = (0.8815 x 0.6 [40%  regen nerf] x 0.8 x 0.5) + (0.8815 x 0.6 [40%  regen nerf] x (1 – 0.8)) = 0.3173
Difference = 0.0705

Old total spirit value = 0.4
Minus difference of 0.0705

New spirit value = 0.3295

Note that if you spend 100% of your time IS5SR mana regen will remain identical and so will your weighting for the mana regen components of Spirit and Int.

Int 0.763 0.805

Old OS5SR Int value = 0.1939
New OS5SR Int value = 0.11634
Difference = 0.077

Old total Int value = 0.84
Minus difference of 0.077

New Int value = 0.763

Edit: As for spirit above these numbers above were wrong.  Assumptions and notes are the same as for spirit.

Old OS5SR Int value = 0.4406
Old Int weighting = (0.
4406 x 0.8 x 0.3) + (0.4406 x (1 – 0.8)) = 0.1938
New Int value = (0.
4406 x 0.6 [40%  regen nerf] x 0.8 x 0.5) + (0.4406 x 0.6 [40%  regen nerf] x (1 – 0.8)) = 0.1586
Difference = 0.0353

Old total Int value = 0.84
Minus difference of 0.

New Int value = 0.805

DwarfPriest did not include the effects of Rapture and Int into her original calculation, except for Divine Aegis procs.  I am not going to adjust the weightings for the Rapture nerf or DA buff in 3.1 at this point.

So whats the final result?  My values for loot ranking are:

* Spellpower: 0.60
* Spirit: 0.3295
* Intellect: 0.805
* Crit: 0.33
* Haste: 0.32
* MP5: 1.00
* Stamina 0.20

To see the results on LootRank check out BobTurkey’s Discipline Priest LootRank.  Enjoy.

Edit: You will note that if you were using a pre-3.1 scale, that the post-3.1 scale makes only minor differences to gearing preferences.


8 Responses to Discipline priest gear ranking

  1. Nigel says:

    They changed the regen nerf to just be a flat 40% reduction to out of the 5 second rule. That includes the contribution from int as well. Not that it was the main benefit of int, but it still is one.

  2. BobTurkey says:

    They did? Darn. *goes to look for more info*

    *comes back*

    Are you sure? I can’t find any mention of the change extending to Int anywhere. Can you link me your source please?

  3. Nigel says:

    As requested:


    It’s a flat 40% reduction to base and not OS5SR as I said before.

  4. BobTurkey says:

    Thanks Nigel. Now updated.

  5. fuleng says:

    Bob –

    The lootrank values for Spirit and Int should actually be about the same for Disc Priests in 3.1. It’s true that regen due to spirit is being cut 40%, but Meditation is being boosted by the same amount to 50% of oo5sr while casting.

    3.1 may call for other changes; Rapture is completely different, and while Int stacking for replenish and shadowfiend may still be called for, it’s uncertain if it’s called for with the new talent, which provides far less mp5.

    Also, I agree with Dwarfpriest that crit is not especially important in 3.0.x, in that above a certain value you get diminishing returns when Divine Aegis shields overwrite. Well, since they stack in 3.1, certainly crit has become much more important, possibly even more than your rating.

  6. BobTurkey says:

    The 40% mana regen nerf is across the board, not just spirit as far as i’m aware.

    For disc priests spirit effects … mana regen only.

    Int effects mana regen (less so than spirit), crit (in a small way), but most importantly mana pool.

    Given the significant abilities (replenishment, arcane torrent, shadowfiend, hymn of hope, rapture) which are based off your maximum mana pool high Int is still better than Spirit.

    Using all DwarfPriests assumptions and a straight 40% mana regen nerf in 3.1 one point of Spirit equals about 0.2327 MP5 and Int equals 0.1163. However Int’s effect on mana pool 0.2635 MP5. This puts the relative value of spirit vs int at 0.2327 vs 0.3798. This is ignoring the abilities mentioned above and Ints effect on crit.

    So short answer is Int is still more effective than Spirit for Disc priests in 3.1

    I agree that the value of crit is increasing for Disc in 3.1. I think DwarfPriest’s 20% unbuffed crit and then stack haste is a good tactic.

  7. Nigel says:

    I need to read DwarfPriests assumptions again when I have some but I think the changes in 3.1 will changes the ratings a lot. Some thoughts:

    – While OS5SR is going down by 40%, IS5SR should stay the same. While I haven’t raided much with my disc priest, a holy pally is my main, it seems like we’re IS5SR a lot of the time. From that aspect, the reduction should not be as bad.

    – I believe that the majority of our mana comes from Rapture. With the 3.1 changes, only PW:S will proc rapture. It will also return the mana when the entire shield is removed and from what I saw, will only do so once every 12 seconds. This change will most likely reduce the value of int but of course, replinshment is still there.

    – There are a lot of changes in disc. Some stuff running through my head but I still need to do some research on was a raid or party wide 3% damage reduction on PW:S cast, the stacking of Divine Aegis up to 10k, and Grace increasing healing by 3% a stack up to 3 (damage reduction removed but healing increase increased).

    – Hymn of Hope has also changed. It seems better but there’s a change it might not give you mana back (if other’s are lower).

    I’ll try to re-read Dwarf Priest’s post and think things through.

  8. BobTurkey says:

    @Nigel – I’ll have to look at DwarfPriest again. You could be right. I might have been reducing the IS5SR by 40%, at least in my comment above if not the original post.

    Yep the numbers we’re wrong. You’ll see i’ve completely re-written the Int/Spirit parts of the post and updated the scale. One interesting thing is that DwarfPriest didn’t detail her calculations for Rapture (outside of its effect with DA). In her Disc test cast she assumes, “Heals give 75% of Rapture returns”, but I can’t determine how she used this assumption. Perhaps she included it in the “Int (replen)” component as per below.

    Int (crit) 0.0361
    Int (mana) 0.2295
    Int (regen) 0.2133
    Int (replen) 0.1753
    Int (sf) 0.0825

    No idea.

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