Noth and the Mana Pot

It hasn’t happened probably since I was a Prot Monk GvGing in GuildWars, but Saturday night I finished a fight pumped and trembling with adrenaline.

Some background.  We’re a casual raiding guild and will probably still be finishing Naxx when 3.1 comes out.  So no hardcore raiders here.  Last week we one-shotted Noth the Plaguebringer (or maybe 2-shot, can’t remember) for the first time in 25 man.  This week, having a grand total of zero shadow priests we skip our usual Military Wing and move onto Plague Wing and Noth.

Group-wise we had a few quirks, firstly only two decursers.  This is at least one less than optimal in a fight where removing curses is priority number one.  One is a mage, but the second is our only Resto Druid.  So when he’s decursing he’s not healing.  We also have the Burts in team 5 and its their first Naxx raid.  If your not in guild this won’t mean much to you, but the Burts are a DK + 4 Elem shaman multi-box team.  They are actually quite a terrifying sight.  When they  are casting Lava Burst its a bit like watching the Death Star preparing to fire.  Scary.  It hits like the Death Star too at about 40k damage.    They actually acquitted themselves quite well (full credit to the Burt ‘brain’).  The rest of the raid is about half experienced raiders and half fairly new, but competent players, with one or two ‘challenging’ players thrown in.

First off we wiped a couple of times as people got the hang of clumping when the adds turn up.  I was guilty of being an easy kill the first wipe.  It also took a couple of wipes for the healers (most of whom had only done the fight a few times) to remember how scary the AoE damage can be, especially the giant skeleton adds (Plagued Guardians) that do AoE later in the fight.

About the third try we hit our stride.  People clumped, decurses did their thing like there was no tomorrow and Tanks/DPS did their thing.  We still ate about one Wrath of the Plaguebringer each time he plagued the raid though… Needless to say the healers were working over-time.  Things went reasonably well, a few DPS died, the MT actually died at one stage and the OT picked up whatever needed picking up at that point.  I’m couldn’t say what as I was spending at least 50% of my time watching Grid an making red bars go up.  Resto druid battle resed MT and he got back into it fine.

One very memorable moment is the Burts all dropping their Fire Elementals at once.  Instant flaming army.  People got excited in vent.  Sadly they don’t survive long.

With Noth at about 25% the Resto druid died and got battle ressed.  Raid eats an extra Wrath of the Plaguebringer or two.  About here about 5 people were dead and the rest of the raid was on about 20% health each.  I’ve never spammed PoH so hard in my life.  Heal MT, PoH, PoH, PoH, heal MT, it was crazy!  About here I go OOM and use Shadowfiend (used Hymn near start when things were quieter).  I’m GTG again.  By now we’re down to MT, 2 OT and 4 healers and only about 6 or 8 DPS.

Then the beginning of the end.  The mage dies in phase 2 and there’s no more battle resses.  Healers start DPSing more.  Phase 1 comes and Noths does his thing.  With about 2s left on Curse of the Plaguebringer I just start spamming PoH.  Resto druid does well decursing and only about 3 Wraths hit the group.  MT, 2 healers and a couple more DPS die.  I’m on 3k mana and drop a mana pot!  Only six raiders are still standing and Noths on like 3%, everyone DPS’s like theres no tomorrow.  I was sure we were toast.

Strangely Phase 2 appears to not start when I expected.  Noth hangs around for more punishment, longer than expected.  Then DBM says he’s teleporting in 10,9,8,7,6 … he dies.

OMG!  I’m shaking with adrenaline.  People are cheering in vent and gratsing like there is no tomorrow in raid chat.  Loot was a tank thing I think, nothing for the clothies.  The hard working druid got himself a new leather belt I think.

I was like stunned for the next 5 minutes.  Sure I resed a few people but all I could say was “Wow”, “Wow” and “Wow”.

Eventually we moved on to Heigan and I learned I *can* dance…as long as there isn’t too much lag. 😦  But that’s another story. 🙂

Gobble gobble.

PS Yes I actually used a mana pot!


3 Responses to Noth and the Mana Pot

  1. Esdras says:


    I dont think ive used a mana pot since Lk came out which i had not thought about till you mentioned it.

  2. Steele says:

    Rofl. “The Burts” sound truely epic 🙂

  3. BobTurkey says:

    What’s even funnier is they do the Haigan dance better than most of the guild while following their Burt brain.

    Although we could just suck at dancing 🙂

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