Random 3.1 commentary

Ver 3.0.9 (going to have to add this to every new post as things change a lot from patch to patch)

*crawls out of bed*

Geez what a bad time to be sick.  So much excitement about 3.1.  I’ll assume you can find the patch notes by yourself.  😛 Some pretty massive changes all around and especially for disc priests.  Our entire play style will be changing in 3.1.

Looks like PW:S will go from being a regular spell in our rotation to pretty much the main event, limited only by the (15s) weakened soul debuff.  IMHO Penance will become an even better substitute for Flash Heal with a talented and glyphed 6s CD.  Although having said that looks like Flash might be getting some buffing with Improved Flash Heal. *shrugs*

Mana regen is getting interesting.  If you have Replenishment in your raid, which is even more likely with some mages getting it now too, Int stacking will still be the way to go and you will still have near unlimited mana. However without Replenishment things are getting interesting.  Rapture looks to be impaled and OS5SR mana regen  is getting a 40% nerf.  I’ll wait till the dust settles, but things look OK for disc priests ATM.

Dual specs are starting to look better although perhaps a bit too much on the easy side.  The requirements for the  Inscriber thingy have currently been removed so I can see players changing specs for each boss fight potentially.   This has some pretty significant ramifications.  Firstly we’ll be able to do the Military wing in 25’s more as  we’ll have plenty of shadow priests (once the healers get a little hit gear) 🙂  Or the raid doesn’t have the right people for 4 horsemen?  No problem, just get the feral DPS to respec to tree or boomkin and tank one of the back bosses, etc, etc.  Generally I can see a lot more role swapping mid-raid happening.

The dual spec thing has some interesting play balance issues too.  With mana nerfs but no change to the Replenishment golden child the latter will be near mandatory.  This won’t be an issue though as that hunter or mage or whatever can just jump into the phone box and come out a massive mana battery!  Mana problem solved.  I’m  thinking we will see the reintroduction of a reagent type restriction on dual specs, but hopefully nothing too  restrictive.

Dual specs are also going to result in a lot more noobs!  I’m sure someone else has already mentioned this, but just because you can swap from heals to DPS, etc doesn’t mean your necessarily going to be any good at your new  role.  I know that whenever I get a chance to DPS, even on a DPS alt, i’m only about 80% as good as the “real” DPS.  The olde 80/20 rule comes in.  The first 80% of any role is easy, but the last 20% takes awhile to master.  Its the same problem you see with new raiders (not that i’m any sort of veteran).   They do their job OK, but not brilliantly.

Anyway, this is all supposition and I am still partly delirious with fever, but not all these ideas are going to be wrong.

May you live in interesting times.


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