Chewing the Tier 8 fat

31 March 2009

There is a bit of discussion at the moment regarding the priest Tier 8 gear on the public test realm.  Personally I don’t feel strongly about the gear.  Tier gear is nice to have, but not must-have, and tier set bonuses (at least since Wrath) have been nice to have without really adding a lot.  I mainly pick it up as it is usually great gear, but not best-in-slot, and is highly accessible via emblems.
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The power of PoM

29 March 2009


I’ve been fiddling with a healing spreadsheet looking at the various options for 3.1 recently.  Did you all realise how good a spell Prayer of Mending (PoM) is?  Here’s some rough numbers based on a Disc priest with 1900 spell power and with appropriate glyphs and talents (ignoring crits).
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Moowall smashes on

27 March 2009

Moowall is now a level 46 Prot Warrior, still leveling on rested xp only (plus BoA shoulders for another +10%).  He’s finished Stranglethorn Vale and has moved on to Tanaris.  Prot wars are ideally suited to the classic Wow leveling experience where there is a lot of “kill 10 mobs and return” type quests.  Why are they so good?  Strong mitigation allows them to just stand there and smash whatever comes their way.

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How to dance

25 March 2009

From noob to expert, dispensing advice, in just a few weeks 🙂  Turkelife can dance!

The secret?  Very simple really.  Zoom your camera right out.  Nope further, further, oh maxed?  Try this:

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The 3.1 mana regen nerf and me

23 March 2009


This is a quick post to outline the changes to mana regen and some numbers on how they effect me.  I’ll refer to 3.0.8 regen as old regen and 3.1 as new regen.

Example numbers from Turkelife are (3.0.8) Outside 5 second rule mana regen (OS5SR) = 686.  IS5SR regen is based only on the Meditation talent.  This is 30% regen inside 5 second rule (IS5SR) in the old system and 50% in the new system.  I’m ignoring MP5 on gear, which will continue to work the same.  I’m also ignoring the changes for Rapture and Holy Concentration in these equations (see bottom).

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Preparing your elemental shaman for raiding

21 March 2009


Ding 80 for Turkemoo!  Yay me, etc, etc.  Now on to something more serious.  Recently I posted on gearing and tips for starting your elemental shaman on heroics.  This post is about the next strata, i.e. moving from heroics on to raiding.  Its aimed at those that are already 80 and who are doing heroics and need a target of what is good for them gear-wise.

Most of the gear below is close to best in slot until 25 man raiding.  So much so that, other than as a source of Emblems of Heroism (EoH), elemental shaman can pretty much skip VoA, OS and Naxx in 10’s format.  This gear list will carry you through the first two-thirds of raiding that exists pre-3.1.

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Chorus of hymns

19 March 2009


There is discordant chatter about the revised hymns for priests in 3.1.  In case you don’t read any other WoW related material here are the hymns in tune (copy+paste from Matticus – hope he’s got them right):

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