Elemental shaman fun

Ver 3.0.9.

Turkemoo finally made level 75 and respeced to Elemental (from Enhancement).  Talk about expensive!  Actually it could have something to do with not training since 70…  Anyway more than 400gp later and Turkemoo the elementalist is born!

First impressions, well, he has less buttons to push.  Enhancement have a finely balanced 5ish button rotation to manage, Elemental have about 3.  Elemental also has a less survivability than enhancement.  This is especially noticeable on the health side.  Feral Spirits save your ass as enhancement.  Quite good health regen, plus they can distract a mob.  Plus enhancement have instant heals with Maelstrom Weapon, plus reduced damage received from Shamanistic Rage.   Elementalists have … nothing.  Well that’s not entirely true.  In planned pulls you can incinerate one mob before they even reach you, but after that it can get hairy.  Thunderstorm also gives you a couple of seconds to cast a heal, depending on who you’re fighting.

I must add Elemental Mastery to my bar although i’m not sure when i’d need it.  I crit a lot already and mana is irrelevant.  Perhaps after a few long boss fights i might change my tune.  So Elemental has 4 buttons to push 🙂

Having said that I am enjoying the change to Elemental.  New toys like Thunderstorm are awesome fun.  Mana management is completely different too.  Enhancement rely a little on Water Shield and a lot on Shamanistic Rage for regen.  Elemental, well they don’t really seem to use mana!  Most of the time Flame Shock costs 35 mana and Lightning Bolt 135ish mana to cast…  They are talking about changing the clear casting mechanism in 3.1 so this might change.  I’ve dropped Water Shield for Lightning Shield as I just don’t need the mana regen when soloing.  Plus who doesn’t love spamming Thunderstorm on cool down.  Its awesome!  Flame shock –> Lava Burst –> Thunderstorm –> maybe Lightning Bolt destroys most mobs straight up.  Lava Burst already crits for almost 6k even in my crappy gear.  Thunderstorm slightly less at about 5k.

Chain Lightning is cool to watch.  Lightning, which I use a lot more, is pretty sad.  Its a shame it doesn’t look like Chain Lightning (without the bounces obviously) or similar.

AoE looks like it might be a bit limited.  I’m surprised there isn’t some sort of channelled Thunderstorm type ability.  I think the druids stole our spell.

Update: I managed to fit in four instances over the weekend and i’m now almost 78.  I have no idea what my DPS is but threat-wise I push tanks who are a level or two lower, so its probably reasonable.  Thunderstorm is awesome for ‘punting’ mobs back to the tank if they come running for the healer (or dare-I-say mistargeted over agro 😉 ).

Soloing damage output is starting to climb with the Flame Shock –> Lava Burst –> Thunderstorm combo killing many mobs before they get off a swing.  Damage is about 1k + 5.8k + 5k for about 12k in the first few seconds of the pull.  Even when Thunderstorm is on cool down a Chain Lightning and Lightning or two are making short work of most targets.

I’m comfortable with mana-regen now and using a Flame Shock –> Lava Burst –> Chain Lightning –> Lightning combo which seems to be working nicely.  DPSing I sit at 95%+ mana all the time and only the ocassional spamming of off-heals makes any dent in my mana pool.

Without Feral Spirits for bad solo pulls i’m using Earth Elemental and health pots more than when I was enhancement, but its not too bad.  Plus there is always Bloodlust, Fire Elemental and Magma Totem for more DPS in a hurry.  It also means i’m questing a little more cautiously.  With enhancement I was just blundering around, popping Feral Spirits if things got nasty and slaughtering stuff in little whirlwinds of devastation.  Now i’m more like an assassin droid identifying targets at range and obliterating them as they foolishly try and get to melee range.

Anyway, to bring my ramble to a close, i’m definitely enjoying Elemental and would say both it and Enhancement are very viable levelling specs.

Gobble gobble.


7 Responses to Elemental shaman fun

  1. Esdras says:

    I see a lot of elemental shammies going about in LK seems a lot of enhancments have respecced.

    I think with duel spec will be good to be elemental as the gear can mean a healing off spec.

  2. Mike says:

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  3. BobTurkey says:

    @Esdras – Yeah the elem/resto gear is similar and will give them a bit of a head start on dual specs.

    Also I think for a long time enhancement was the better levelling spec. With recent patches elemental has become more useful and interesting to play, so we are seeing more elementalists.

    @Mike – Thanks!

  4. Fear.Win says:

    Before the 3.0 changes to elemental, I had leveled a Shaman to 70 on the Alliance side as Elemental and it was pretty brutal. Not having a way to lower interrupts on LB, no Water Shield until 62, Flametongue not giving spellpower, etc..

    I just recently hit 69 on my new Horde Shammy and leveled Elemental again but it’s much easier this time around. I’ve heard it gets easier once you get lava burst so your comments about it critting pretty hard are reassuring. I can’t wait to dual spec as Resto either. Definitely one of the more fun alts I’ve played.

  5. BobTurkey says:

    Yeah Lava Burst is nasty. I didn’t even bother with Elemental until 75 (when you first get LB) even though I decided about 69/70 that I would change to Elemental.

    Coming from a priest who leveled as Disc/Holy from 58 it was a real novelty leveling as DPS. Its got me thinking about changing my healer to Shadow for a change (don’t tell my raid leader 😉

  6. Fear.Win says:

    Lol, might want to check out shadow BEFORE 3.1 just incase the change to Shadowform turns out to nerf our DPS.

  7. BobTurkey says:

    Naa, unless shadow DPS gets nerfed to the stage where its approaching zero then Shadow will still be need. Replenishment + near mandatory requirment for them in 25 Naxx raiding will keep them desireable even if their DPS is weaker.

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