Shield vs target


Shield wins!

Moowall has recently hit level 41.  At 40 he had the pleasure of training in the art of wearing Plate armour and smashing stuff really, really hard with his shield (Shield Slam).

It was love at first slam really.  Moowall is currently critting with Revenge for a little under 500 damage (white damage is about 180ish I think).  Along comes Shield Slam, who promptly starts criting for about 750 damage!  That’s often more than half the health of the target!  That is some nasty shit!

So, yeah Prot warrior levelling is still going strong.  I still haven’t tanked anything yet, but im confident i’ll do at least OK for a newbie at that.  Might stack the group with guildie alts though just in case I suck 🙂

Moo’s well ensconced in levelling in Dustwallow Marsh and will be returning to every bodies favourite Stranglethorn Vale before long for round two of the questing there.

Despite only levelling on rested xp he has managed to keep his professions at a reasonable level.  Cooking was lagging behind until I discovered the ‘keyboard’ error that was causing it.  Did you know you can buy Expert Cooking books of the Auction House for about 2gp?  I thought I had to do some dumb quest to get it, but that’s Artisan or whatever the next level after is called.  /facepalm

I have also been enjoying Jewelery making a fair bit.  I think as much as anything its the novelty of actually mining as this is my first miner toon.  There is definitely something therapeutic about riding around digging up rocks. Perhaps its the resource hoarder in me 🙂

Game on!


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  1. Esdras says:

    Grats i remeber when my Paladin hot 40 and got plate i think i spent around 200g buying him stuff.

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