Observations on priests in 3.1


These are just some observations and discussion points to get you thinking.  I don’t claim to have scientifically tested all my observations.  Of course the public test realm will probably get patched at least once before 3.1 goes live so all this can change.


Assuming a build similar to: http://ptr.wowhead.com/?talent=bVcbuhxVRIsffotzxxc

  • PW:S mana cost fully talented = 533 (about)
  • PW:S mana return on full absorption = 20k (mana pool) * 2.5% = 500.  At 22k mana pool a fully absorbed PW:S costs zero net mana.  This can occur a maximum of once every 12s.
  • PW:S absorbs about 6500 damage (@T7 gearing level)
  • Some interesting comments on Rapture on ElitestJerks.

PW:S > Penance > Flash Heal > Renew = PoM > Greater Heal

Disc is a wierd combo of lots of haste, lots of instants and effects relying on healing (as opposed to absorption).

Still very much single target healers.  Disc priests will be hard pressed finding global cool downs for anything less priority than Flash Heal.  The laser heals will be flying fast.

Assumes Glyphs of PW:S (20% healing on cast), Penance (a further 2s cool down reduction) and Flash Heal (10% mana cost reduction).

Grace is (even) less useful than previously.


Asuming a build similar to: http://ptr.wowhead.com/?talent=bVcbuZcxxcfMqihVIot

Single target: FH >= Binding Heal > Renew > PoM > GH > PW:S

Raid healing:  CoH > PoH

Serendipity will mostly be used with PoH given Holy’s common role of raid healing.  This talent, plus the ability to cast PoH outside your group, will further improve Holy priests raid healing capability.  During enrages it will assist Holy to output massive healing in a Guardian Spirit –> FH –> FH –> FH –> GH type combo.

Assuming Holy Concentration remains in its current form Renew’s popularity will increase significantly as a tool for mana regen.

Assumes Glyphs of Flash Heal, Circle of Healing and Guardian Spirit.  The Glyph of Guardian Spirit could see this spell become a regular part of the rotation to give a fat 40% extra healing for 10s every 60s.

Mana regen

Rapture vs Holy Concentration for a 20k mana pool with 350 IS5SR mana regen.

Rapture returns 500 mana (20,000 x 2.5%) every 12s.  This is 500/12 x 5 = 208 MP5

Holy Concentration generates 175 MP5 (for 8s).  This is 350 x 50%.

Mana regen mechanics are pretty similar in result although Holy Concentration will be easier to maintain as new criticals refresh the 8s duration while the Rapture return is lumps sums no more than once every 12s.

Comments and corrections welcome.


2 Responses to Observations on priests in 3.1

  1. Esdras says:

    Nice read, i think they are getting closer in efficiancy that to chooose between holy and DIsc will be just which you enjoy more.

  2. BobTurkey says:

    The play styles are moderately different and generally use different spells.

    I think, as things stand, we are going to see less Disc priests pre-3.1. Between dual specs and Disc losing one for their main claims to fame, i.e. huge mana regen. I think the pendulum of popularity for Disc is going to swing the otherway.

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