Dual specs and loot

I was browsing my Google Reader this morning and read an entertaining post by Vonya over the Ego.  It got me thinking again about an issue that is nagging at the back of my wow brain.

How is loot distribution going to work with dual specs?

I suppose DKP systems will still work as they currently do.   I’m not familiar with the ins and outs of DKP systems but I think they’ll work ok.

But what about the other loot systems.  The loot councils and the /roll 100, 1 epic per run type systems?  The issues with these systems is they rely on people having a spec for which they are gearing, often called a main spec.  Sure many players have an off spec also, but these are secondary concerns.  You usually only get loot for off specs when the only other option is sharding it.

So what happens when everyone potentially has two main specs?  Do we treat the dual (or more in future) specs as equal?  Do we stick with main/off specs based on raid role?  Are raid roles going to be as fixed as they currently are?  I doubt it.

If we treat dual specs as equal for loot distribution we are looking at a future which is about the same as theoretical loot distribution would be for 50 man raids! O-o Can you imagine managing what is effectively 50 raiders?  Scary.  25 usually takes long enough.

Even 10 man raids, which become 20 spec raids post 3.1, will be complicted enough.

What about the potential of more than dual specs?  What if everyone has say three specs, one per talent tree.  75 spec/30 spec loot distribution anyone?

I don’t have the answers, but times are changing.  I hope someone can come up with a couple of distribution systems that will work…


8 Responses to Dual specs and loot

  1. Fear.Win says:

    My guild will continue to use our version of the 10-man loot council-ish system with everyones role in the raid being their “main spec” while treating their dual spec as an offspec. Everyones raid roles are already defined but I’d imagine this would be much more difficult in a larger raid environment or larger guild that raids with different people each week.. but, IMO, giving your Ret Pally tanking gear because he moonlights during the week as Prot is only going to gimp your raids progression.

  2. BobTurkey says:

    So you roll on the role your currently playing? So if one of your tanks swaps to DPS for a fight or two they roll as DPS for the loot from those two fights? Or do they still roll on tank loot?

    Sounds like they continue rolling on tank loot even if they DPSed the boss fight, if tanking is their normal role in the raid.

    To extend that i’f im normally a healer but I mainly DPS for a raid I’m still considered a healer for loot as thats what i normally am?

    I think this will work initially, but “normally” is relative and its going to become normal to swap specs a lot bluring what your normal role is. If that makes sense.

  3. Its a tough call. Wouldn’t it depend on who else is on the run and what role they are too? So rather than viewing loot in isolation to your character you’ll be thinking of the mix of characters in the run, and what they play.

  4. Fear.Win says:

    If your role in my raid is a tank but the fight only requires 1 tank (so you swap to your fury or arms spec to dps), you still roll on tank gear while melee dps gear will be counted as off-spec. If you are always a healer but we’re short on DPS this week and you came as a shadowpriest instead of holy or disc, you’d still be rolling on healing gear with dps caster gear will be counted as off-spec gear.

    To go a little further, if you raid with me as a tank but during the week you dual spec DPS to do your own thing, you’re still a tank in my raid and that’s your main spec is, IMO, and thats how I would assign loot.

    “I think this will work initially, but “normally” is relative and its going to become normal to swap specs a lot bluring what your normal role is.” – I agree completely. As I mentioned in the first comment, this would probably be harder for larger guilds that bring different people in to their raids each week, but our guild brings the same 10 people every week so our roles are already defined. We use 2 tanks and 3 healers. When we dont need 2 tanks, 1 would swap to their DPS spec. When we don’t need 2 healers, one would swap to their DPS spec, etc.

    Hope this all makes sense and I’m not talking myself in circles lol.

  5. Fear.Win says:

    Wow.. lack of sleep FTL. Excuse the typos and whatnot. You get the general idea of what I’m trying to say, I hope.

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  7. BobTurkey says:

    @Fear.Win yeah that made sense. You’re probably right. It will probably work out ok with a bit more ‘overhead’ for the raid/guild leaders and officers.

  8. I recently chatted to some guys who use a Suicide Kings list, but with heavy mods. They clean the list every four weeks which means a random position, they use Biding using SK position first, then /roll 100 for main and /101-1000 for offspec; but rolled atthe same time. Therefore you can see who win main vs off by the number 760 vs 76.

    Main is the role that you are bringing to the overall run, not the particular fight. However anyone can bid. They are a close group with a really regular and restricted list of participants. So while I love the sound of this system, it does seem that they play together well regardless of the loot system.

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