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I have been mulling this post for a while.  It’s a bit broken but maybe it will get you thinking.

I was initially down on the changes to Disc and excited about Holy.  But having had a good look at both specs i’m now excited about both.  I was planning posts about how i’m abandoning Disc for Holy with much angst, etc.  But now i’m undecided.


Example build: http://ptr.wowhead.com/?talent=bVcbuhxVRIsffotzxx

Priority: Penance > PW:S > Flash Heal > PoM > Renew

Grace is now pretty pointless.  However it’s damage reduction component has been moved to Renewed Hope and is now raid wide.  This 3% raid wide damage reduction is a significant buff.  In a typical 10 man nights raiding where healers are healing about 2 million points of damage (say 650k each) this is effectively 60k healing or about +8-10% effective healing from the Disc priest.

+Disc +15% Int
+Disc +6% haste
+Disc PW:S can be cast on GCD (limited by Weakened Soul debuff per target) with a small mana return component.
+Disc +3% additional crit from Focused Will

Disc = Holy now for Spirit increases. +6% from Enlightenment more or less equals +5% from Spirit of Redemption in the Holy tree.

+Disc  – additional ‘free’ absorption from Divine Aegis.  Currently this on total healing not effective healing.  DA will stack in 3.1, which is a big buff.  Previously I have estimated combined DA and PW:S absorption to be about 33% on top of measured healing.  With DA stacking and even more frequent casting of PW:S I guesstimate this number will be closer to 40%.  DA + PW:S + Renewed Hope will mean that about 45-50% of the effectiveness of Disc priests will come from absorption and prevention type effects not currently measured in most healing meters.  This is up from about 33% pre-3.1.

-Disc – Big nerf to Rapture.  Holy Concentration will out perform Rapture.  This nerf means Disc will lose its reputation for having huge mana regen.  The +15% Int from Mental Strength, combined with the weakened Rapture and replenishment may be sufficient for Disc to retain respectable mana regen compared to an equivalent Holy priest with replenishment and Holy Concentration.

DA stacking, plus another 3% talented crit, plus Glyphed and talented Penance on a 6s cool down is what really has me excited about Disc healing.  Lots of ‘soap bubbles’.


Example build: http://ptr.wowhead.com/?talent=bVcbuZfxxcbMqiuVIot

Priority: PoM > Renew > Flash > the rest

Plus strong AoE heals (CoH/PoH).

+Holy – Heals of all types are bigger than Disc equivalent.  Healing per mana and healing per second of Holy spells are better than Disc.  This however ignores the additional effects such as DA that Disc bring to the table.

+Holy – Talented Renew is a strong HoT.  It’s ability to crit and trigger Holy Concentration, plus the boosts through Empowered Renew (+15 up front heal and +15% spell power co-efficient) make this a powerful tool for Holy in 3.1

+Holy – Holy Concentration will generate better mana returns than the 3.1 version of Rapture.

+Holy- Glyph of Guardian Spirit, in its current form, could result in Guardian Spirit becoming a regular part of the rotation instead of a panic button.  Glyphed it will have 15% up time for +40% healing on the target.  I will be impressed if this makes it to the game in its current form.

OK its out there now.  Sorry its a bit messy. I think i’ve  ejected all my 3.1 commentary for the time being.  Thanks for listening.


4 Responses to Holy vs Discipline

  1. Myssidia says:

    Thing to think about in regards to rapture vs. holy concentration: those spells that disc use have, on average, a better hpm ratio than the ones that Holy have. =] Check out my site… I have a chart for comparison between the two based on 3.1 stuff and everything. If you want to factor in crit, increase the hps and hpm by 12.5%(holy) and 23.75%(disc). That’s assuming around 25% crit. Albeit, my theory skills are purely using numbers and no data mined from the game, and said skills are mediocre at best. Use information at your own risk.

  2. BobTurkey says:

    Yeah the effect of Divine Aegis increasing the effective healing for Disc makes crit suprising effective.

    I saw your numbers this morning (http://casenc.blogspot.com/2009/03/theory-craft.html).

  3. sparklefreeze says:

    I’m not sure I would see the Glyph of Guardian Spirit as a plus to Holy. Personally, I see the angel as a major panic button and I believe it was meant to be for sure. Having it in this form now will somehow make it into the spell rotation whether or not the sweet +40% heals is justified or not. I use it for Maexxna now perfectly timed for the raid wrap, but would hate to see it make it into Patchwerk healing for the lack of challenge. Much like trinkys that stack +heals, I would say what the glyph does for me is free up a trinky slot.

    What’s really hurting in Holy is the lame loss of Imp. Holy Concentration. While I have no problems managing mana and don’t predict any even after 3.1, the loss of haste as a avid crazy heroics healer is catastrophic to me. Am still trying to figure how now will I keep my Tankadin up when he pulls whole rooms. >.<

  4. BobTurkey says:

    @sparklefreeze – Yeah original Guardian Spirit was definently a panic button, but looks like it will be used much more commonly if this glyph makes it in.

    But your right, except for certain fights (e.g. Maexxna), where you know you need it at certain times, the glyphed Guardian Spirit is going to be used like a trinket (on cool down).

    re: Imp HC – won’t the revised Serendipity with its hasted FH, FH, FH, GH combo fill this role now?

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