Turkelife can’t dance

I had a great raid Saturday night in Naxx 25.  Friday we’d done Vault, OS (from which got a nice ring) and the Spider Wing, and proved we had no chance in Northrend of killing Patchwerk.  I’m not sure why but many of the raiders I play with seem to be obsessed with killing Patch.  My guild included.  Its crazy.  Our guild has only once, just recently, killed Grob, Gluth and Thadius (and Saphy and Kel – go us Naxx 10 finally cleared – only took 4 nights raiding) in 10 man.  In 25’s we’ve killed Patch once I think and never downed Grob, so even if the big fella dies we’re not going any where fast afterwards.

Anyway, so we move on to Plague Quarter.  Noth dies first go, which was less exciting (in a good way) than last time.  We all balled up in the middle of the room and all the players with average or below PCs starred at their feet so as to try and not DC mid fight when the AoE starts.  Good stuff.

We move on the short distance to Heigan. We, like many guilds I expect, derive a certain pleasure in bringing at least one new raider to this fight each time. 🙂 Anyway, first attempt I survive the the first phase 2 and start thinking, “hey I *CAN* dance”, but then the second time I get killed when no where near the green explosions (lag I assume).  Turkelife can’t dance.  I get battle rezed and dance again! OMG i’m the dance queen … only to die to the disease straight after.

When my 10’s raid leader (Prot pally OT DPSing Heigan … lol) eventually died I whispered him and we decided we were going to come here in 10’s straight after spider wing every week until we go it.  Luckily we have about 10-14 players in the guild who can dance and mostly do so without fail.  I’m always amazed.  So I headed off and did the dishes to come back and find they wiped at 1%!  28k health or something silly.  Frustrating.

Dance take 2.  I die the first phase 2. 😦  I sooo need more practice at this.  Back to the dishes.  I finish them and return to find our awesome dance team (2 tanks, 3 healers and 2 DPS) boring Heigan to death, but dancing like champions.  The worst bit is we wipe about 30% of his health in the first phase 1!  If more of us could dance better this would be a 5 minute fight instead of 19 minutes!  19 minutes later Heigan begs the dancers to finish him off and they do.  New achievement, times two, for me.  I felt a bit guilty.

Next the trash to Loatheb, now this is a change.  Lazer worms and maggots.  Interesting.  Thankfully a warlock survives the gauntlet and can summon the dead ones.

Loatheb, another new boss.  In fact at least half the raid have never seen him.  We spend more time discussing how to stand and kill the spores than fighting.  First attempt it takes half the fight to realise that the no-healing debuff doesn’t disappear at zero seconds, but at one second after the zero second debuff appears.  Starting a 2.7s cast when the timer hits 2s is surprisingly bad (well I was surprised as a I said).  20 billion hits, wow this guy is slow to die.  We eventually wipe on about 30%.  Second attempt was easy.  I’m not sure if the DPS were doing a 133t job of sharing the spore buff (I suspect not), or we just did a good job generally.  No one even really looked like dying.  Two 7.5 shoulder tokens dropped.  I didn’t win either 😦

Its getting late but we start on the military wing.  We always have trouble with Instructor Raz in 25s.  We don’t have any regular, raiding shadow priests (two up and coming though).  Long story short the raid leader swaps to his priest and with one reset he coaches the “i’ve never MC’ed before” shadow priest we did have through the fight and the Instructor goes down.  Pretty dull fight for healers.  Well i find it dull.

Sleepily the raid moves on to Gothik.  I want this guy’s hat.  I want this guy’s wand too (wands are so hard to get).  We slaughter this in 10s but in 25s often have trouble.  Threat management live side is sometimes an issue, but usually the rush of Knights at the end of phase 1 kills the dead side.  The end of phase 1 is a healers nightmare.  Massive AoE damage and very little chance for tanks to establish agro.  The holy priest and I got everyone grouped up and spammed CoH and Holy Nova like there was no tomorrow.  There was about 10-15 seconds in the fight where my spammed Holy Nova is just failing to heal the group fast enough and they are slowly inching towards death.  Thankfully the the DPS had the power and we survived.  Phase 2 is cake compared to that.

Some random stuff drops.  No hat, no wand, but oooooooh shiny!  One advantage of having bad luck with rolling is that at the end of the night there isn’t much competition for the last few drops.  So with a good roll of 89 (I beat and 83 and 86 amazingly) I am now the proud owner of a Forethought Talisman.

T’was a good nights raiding as I said.  The handful of pugs were mostly good.  The two that got upset that we took so long to do Loatheb and left were a good thing as it allowed a couple more guildies to join for the last few bosses. The few pugs that stayed the whole way were excellent and will be invited again.  Thankfully the need to invite pug ‘friends’ i’ve tagged with comments like “decent DPS, but abandoned us mid raid”, is declining by the week.

Gobble gobble.


2 Responses to Turkelife can’t dance

  1. Holy Dueg! says:

    Grats on the talisman, very very win and I suspect I’ll have mine through to Ulduar. one thing I’d recommend, unless you have Holy Nova glyphed, it’s more worthwhile to cast Prayer of Healing. You’ll get much more throughput, waste a lot less mana. The long cast time kind of sucks, but I think it’ll work better in the end. If you prefer holy Nova though, make sure it’s glyphed so you’re getting your mana’s worth.

  2. BobTurkey says:


    You’re 100% correct on the Holy Nova vs PoH comment with one minor caveat. I realised after posting this that the throughput on PoH was almost twice that of Holy Nova. PoH has no damage component, but I expect that was pretty minor in the grand scheme of things.

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