Preparing your elemental shaman for raiding


Ding 80 for Turkemoo!  Yay me, etc, etc.  Now on to something more serious.  Recently I posted on gearing and tips for starting your elemental shaman on heroics.  This post is about the next strata, i.e. moving from heroics on to raiding.  Its aimed at those that are already 80 and who are doing heroics and need a target of what is good for them gear-wise.

Most of the gear below is close to best in slot until 25 man raiding.  So much so that, other than as a source of Emblems of Heroism (EoH), elemental shaman can pretty much skip VoA, OS and Naxx in 10’s format.  This gear list will carry you through the first two-thirds of raiding that exists pre-3.1.

This gear list is based on LootRank, which in turn is based on Binkenstein’s work.


  • Head Hat of Wintery Doom – Bought from the AH for about 300gp you should have bought this and equiped it the instant you became level 80. Gem it with a Veiled Monarch Topaz and a Chaotic Skyflare Diamond.  Be aware that this meta gem requires two blue gems to activate.  Enchant it with an Arcanum of Burning Mysteries.
  • Neck Encircling Burnished Gold Chains – Purchased for 25 EoH.
  • Shoulder Dark Runic Mantle – Can be bought off the AH for about 60-120g at time of writing.  Another gear slot you can fill as soon as you hit 80.  Put a blue gem into this to help activate your meta gem.  I’d suggest Vivid Forest Emerald.  The socket bonus (+4 spirit) is useless to us.  Enchant it with Lesser Inscription of the Storm unless you really love farming Hodir rep and can get the greater version.
  • Back Deathchill Cloak – Bought from the AH for about 600gp. Another slot you can fill straight off at 80.  You will be wearing this cloak for a long time to come.  Enchant it with Greater Speed when you can afford it.
  • Chest Ebonweave Robe – Purchased off the AH for about 1100gp this superior robe will last you a long time.  Enchant it with Super Stats.
  • Wrist – This is an interesting slot to fill.  Both the Limb Regeneration Bracers and Savage Wound Wrap drop in heroic Drak’Tharon Keep.  Between the wrist and legs slots (below) you will be doing a few runs of H DK, which is one of the easier heroics.  Enchant with Superior Spell Power.
  • Hands Ebonweave Gloves – Best-in-slot until the end of 25 man raiding.  Costs about 600gp when bought off the AH.  Enchant with Precision.
  • Waist Plush Sash of Guzbah – This awesome belt costs 40 EoH and comes with a yellow gem slot.  The slot bonus is +4 hit so put a Rigid Autumn’s Glow (+16 hit) into it for a whopping +53 hit rating off one item.  This is pretty much best in slot pre-Uldar.  Make sure you add an Eternal Belt Buckle to this and socket a blue gem (Vivid Forest Emerald) in it.
  • Legs Leggings of the Winged Serpent – This drops in H DK also.  Enchant with Azure Spellthread.
  • Feet – There is a fair few options for what to wear on your feets.  I’ll be aiming for either Revenant’s Treads (leatherworking pattern requiring 10 Hvy Borean Leather, 10 Eternal Water, 1 Frost Orb) or the Sandals of Crimson Fury (Exalted Wyrmrest).  I’m leaning towards the sandals because it has a blue gem slot to help me match my metagem requirement of 2 blues gems.  Put a Vivid Forest Emerald into it.  Enchant with Tuskarr’s Vitality.
  • Fingers 1Band of Guile – Drops from heroic Culling of Strathholme.  I seem to run this instance a fair bit so after H DK this would be the next instance to be “farming”.
  • Fingers 2 Annhylde’s Ring – Almost as good as the Band of Guile this ring drops in heroic Utgarde Keep.
  • Trinket 1The Egg of Mortal Essence can be bought for 40 EoH.  If your lucky you can get its sister, Embrace of the Spider to go with it to really haste it up.
    Edit: Note that the haste proc on The Egg will not trigger except off healing spells.  The relative value of the spell power on The Egg vs the Sundial below is debateable.  The haste proc off the Embrace will trigger from damage spells making it an excellent trinket.
  • Trinket 2 Mark of The War Prisoner – This is a great trinket for the huge 73 hit it a carries.  It drops in heroic Violet Hold, which can be one of the tricker heroics to do.  If you can’t get a decent group to do it with, and have surplus emblems, you could get the Sundial of the Exiled for 40 EoH.  The sundial is a low priority for spending your emblems on with so many other items needing emblems.  Also at this point in your gearing priority number one is getting to at least 295 hit rating.  This will hit cap you for raid bosses if you have a shadow priest in your raid.  If not you’ll be needing 368 for the hit cap.
  • Main handFlameheart Spell Scalpel – This is easy to get at Kirin Tor revered.  A Titansteel Guardian is an even better, but significantly more expensive option.  Enchant with Exceptional Spellpower.
  • Off-hand – I really wanted to carry a shield on my elementalist, but options are very limited :-(.  There are no good options until Naxx 10 and even if you get the Aegis of Damnation off Maexxna, it still isn’t as good as the Ward of the Violet Citadel, which you can buy for 25 EoH.  The ward is pretty close to best in slot pre-Uldar.
  • Totem Totem of the Elemental Plane – Oh a totem upgrade!  This one costs you 15 EoH.  Its value is arguable but at 1 proc per 45s its worth about 10/45 * 196 = 44 haste rating or about 1% haste.  This is a low priority upgrade.  Due to the laughable options for totems this is almost best in slot.  Only Totem of Hex from heroic Patchwerk is better.

I’ll update this post later, but currently the only hard stat goal im working towards its the 295/368 hit rating cap for raid bosses.  Be aware that the gear above carries about 420 hit rating, which is more than you need.  This will give you some options for gearing once you reach the hit cap.

You will notice that once you reach the hit cap your gearing requirements change quite dramatically.  For reference here is the same LootRank for hit capped players.



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