The 3.1 mana regen nerf and me


This is a quick post to outline the changes to mana regen and some numbers on how they effect me.  I’ll refer to 3.0.8 regen as old regen and 3.1 as new regen.

Example numbers from Turkelife are (3.0.8) Outside 5 second rule mana regen (OS5SR) = 686.  IS5SR regen is based only on the Meditation talent.  This is 30% regen inside 5 second rule (IS5SR) in the old system and 50% in the new system.  I’m ignoring MP5 on gear, which will continue to work the same.  I’m also ignoring the changes for Rapture and Holy Concentration in these equations (see bottom).

Old formula is: IS5SR regen + OS5SR regen = (OS5SR x time IS5SR x IS5SR regen) + (OS5SR x (1 – time IS5SR))
New formula (including regen nerf) is: (OS5SR x 0.6 x time IS5SR x IS5SR regen) + (OS5SR x 0.6 x (1 – time IS5SR))

Three scenarios
Scenario one – At rest
0% IS5SR
Old regen = 686 MP5
New regen = (OS5SR x 0.6 x time IS5SR x IS5SR regen) + (OS5SR x 0.6 x (1 – time IS5SR)) = (686 x 0.6 x 0 x 0.3) + (686 x 0.6 x (1 – 0)) = 412 MP5

So outside of combat Turkelife will have 686 – 412 = 274 less MP5! Or 60% of her previous MP5

Scenario two – Flat out
100% IS5SR
Old regen = (OS5SR x time IS5SR x IS5SR regen) + (OS5SR x (1 – time IS5SR)) = (686 x 1 x 0.3) + (686 x (1 – 1)) = 206 MP5
New regen = (686 x 0.6 x 1 x 0.5) + (686 x 0.6 x (1-1)) = 206 MP5

Inside full-time combat Turkelife will have 206 – 206 = 0 less MP5 (i.e. no change)

Scenario three – Average combat
80% IS5SR
Old regen = (OS5SR x time IS5SR x IS5SR regen) + (OS5SR x (1 – time IS5SR)) = (686 x 0.8 x 0.3) + (686 x (1 – 0.8)) = 165 + 137 = 302 MP5
New regen = (686 x 0.6 x 0.8 x 0.5) + (686 x 0.6 x (1 – 0.8)) = 165 + 82 = 247 MP5

In a normal combat with some periods OS5SR Turkelife will have 302 – 247 = 55 less MP5.  This is about 82% of her previous MP5.

Base on my estimates of the old numbers for Rapture my gut feeling is that the mana return/saving on PW:S will be about the same under the new Rapture, but we will lose the benefits equivalent to about 15% mana saving on Flash Heal and Greater Heal and about 35% on Penance (plus the free mana from Divine Aegis procs).

A pretty decent nerf, however Disc mana regen is currently over-powered.  The question is will this balance us or go too far?  Also how long before Blizzard just standardise mana regen to IS5SR only?

4 Responses to The 3.1 mana regen nerf and me

  1. Holy Dueg! says:

    I think that what’s going to happen after 3.1 hits is half the community will bitch and whine that they can’t conserve mana at all anymore because they’ve become used to being way too OP outside the 5sr. You’re also going to get about a million posts saying “Blizzard hates my class so I’m quiting and they’ll most likely go out of business without my 15 bucks a month.” Fast forward maybe about a month after that when everyone’s had a chance to become used to the regen, and no one will even remember what regen was like before the patch with a minimal amount of switching mains or outright quiting. Seems to be the way of WoW after almost any major nerf.

  2. BobTurkey says:

    Yep I think your right.

    Despite the huge nerf to OS5SR I did think to myself, “well I really need mana regen in tough fights, and that means IS5SR almost all the time, so … no change”

    So other than drinking a bit more I can’t see much happening.

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