How to dance

From noob to expert, dispensing advice, in just a few weeks 🙂  Turkelife can dance!

The secret?  Very simple really.  Zoom your camera right out.  Nope further, further, oh maxed?  Try this:

/console cameraDistanceMax 40

That’s the magic command to learn how to dance.  I went from this to dancing all the way in one week on this simple diet.  With your camera zoomed right out you can easily see where the current green goo flashes are and guess where to stand for the next one.

An added bonus is that it seems to minimise some of the ‘lag’ that occurs when there are too many things happening on screen at once (i.e. lowered frame rate or rendering stutters).  I would have thought my graphic card was going to have a fit zooming right out, but I guess because it renders everything in less detail, it actually seems to mostly render better.

Zooming right out also helps with the lava waves in Obsidian Sanctum (no more frantic mouse looking to figure out which side its coming from).  And with the crazy chaos when fighting Noth.  My display used to hit 10fps in Noth with all the AoE everything happening.  Now it doesn’t miss a beat.

A couple of other tips for dancing:

  • Target yourself at the start and use some preemptive spells (PW:S, PoM) before you start dancing.  They might save you if you make a small error.
  • Until you get the hang of it don’t try and heal other people, not even instant casts.  Leave that to better dancers

Bonus tips for the fight:

  • When Heigan teleports back to the floor don’t stop dancing immediately.  There is often one more green goo flash (I died to this at the end of the very last phase 2 😦 )
  • Remove the disease ASAP, it hurts a lot.

Gobble gobble.

PS If anyone figures out how to undo this /console command without deleting your let me know.
‘/console cameraMaxDistance 10’ and similar don’t work.


3 Responses to How to dance

  1. elyxaar says:

    You can edit your file using notepad 🙂
    Somewhere in there should be
    SET cameraMaxDistance “40”
    which you can just delete.

    Nice blog btw 😉

  2. BobTurkey says:


    See thats the strange bit. When typing in the console didn’t work I went and did just that. There wasn’t any SET cameraDistanceMax “40″. But now you mention it I think the config stuff only gets “saved” there when you exit the game.

    So when I looked I hadn’t yet exited and maybe it hadn’t written the config change yet. I’m hoping.

    I’ll have to have another look.

  3. BobTurkey says:

    Oh there are about 3 levels directories with files. Just look around until you find the one that has “SET cameraDistanceMax” in it.

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