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Moowall is now a level 46 Prot Warrior, still leveling on rested xp only (plus BoA shoulders for another +10%).  He’s finished Stranglethorn Vale and has moved on to Tanaris.  Prot wars are ideally suited to the classic Wow leveling experience where there is a lot of “kill 10 mobs and return” type quests.  Why are they so good?  Strong mitigation allows them to just stand there and smash whatever comes their way.

Case in point is the kill 40 odd pirates in Tanaris quests.  The foes, I admit, are about 1-2 levels less than Moowall currently, but geez it was smashing time.  I just run him into the compound and pull a mob or two.  At about 10% health they run away and get a friend or two.  Moowall just bandages or waits for the nearly dead guy to get his friends and before long there are 4-6 guys getting smashed and getting their friends.  Before long they run out off nearby friends and Moowall finishes them off and repeats the same maneuver somewhere else.  In this way he can chain kill 8-12 mobs in short order.  Ranged mobs/casters might require a bit of maneuvering, but it t’was fun.  Now if only I had Warbringer

He is also still able to tank 2-3 mobs at about 2-3 levels above him.  Having recently completed The Dunemaul Compound where the the ogres are levels 48 and 49 Moowall had no trouble killing three at once (although he did have to bandage after).  The main issue he has is hitting the mobs due to the level difference and +hit gear is quite hard to find at these relatively low levels.  However this is more of an annoyance than something fatal.

He’s also picked up Focused Rage so his ‘rotaton’ has changed slightly.  Thunderclap is mainly just used as a debuff now, although it can still be useful for catching those fleeing mobs on low health.  Revenge/Heroic Strike (glyphed) is still a mainstay, damage-wise, but now Shield Slam is coming to the fore.  More multi mob tanking means more threat and the reduced rage cost from Focused Rage means Shield Slams pretty much on cool down, which are hitting for around 7-750 a pop now.

So leveling a prot warrior is still going very smoothly.  The main speed humps are the profession quests (cooking/first aid), having to travel to Silvermoon City to train jewel crafting from time to time, and making sure I mine a fair bit to maintain my professions.  Even at the accelerated rate at which he’s leveling skilling up mining and jewelry crafting is going pretty smoothly.


2 Responses to Moowall smashes on

  1. Fear.Win says:

    Its funny how people do things that you’re doing at the exact same time. Just got my Warrior to 28 and was just thinking how I wanted to swap out of arms and level as Prot instead.. good to know that it doesn’t suck as bad as it used to.

  2. BobTurkey says:

    Leveling as prot is pretty easy and quite fun.

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