The power of PoM


I’ve been fiddling with a healing spreadsheet looking at the various options for 3.1 recently.  Did you all realise how good a spell Prayer of Mending (PoM) is?  Here’s some rough numbers based on a Disc priest with 1900 spell power and with appropriate glyphs and talents (ignoring crits).

  • PoM first target – 518 mana – 2820 healing – 5.44 healing per mana (HPM) – pretty lackluster
  • PoM second target – 518 mana – 5639 healing – 10.89 HPM – good
  • PoM third target – 515 mana – 8459 healing – 16.33 HPM – excellent

Compare this to Penance (552 mana, 8202 healing, 14.85 HPM), PW:S (assumes full absorption, 556 mana, 7664 ‘healing’, 13.79 HPM) and Flash Heal (528 mana, 3563 healing, 6.75 HPM).

Holy numbers are even better.

  • PoM first target – 460 mana – 3435 healing – 7.46 HPM – not bad
  • PoM second target – 460 mana – 6870 healing – 14.92 HPM – excellent
  • PoM third target – 460 mana – 10304 healing – 22.39 HPM – insanely efficient

As you can see, even without crits (or Divine Aegis) once your PoM heals a second person it becomes a very efficient spell with the potential for big returns on the 3rd, 4th and 5th jumps (plus potentially 6th with T7 2 piece bonus).

A couple of other things to remember is you get all this for a single global cool down and it is instant cast.  In AoE heavy fights PoM is regularly making all 5 jumps and healing for 16k or more.  Thats a lot of healing for 4-500 mana.  Remember also that you can only have one PoM in play at once and that each target can only have a single PoM on them at once.  The later only effects your casting the spell, not the jumps as the jumps only land on non-PoMed targets.

Also PoM jumps appear to only go a maximum of 30 yards and are effected by line-of-sight (can’t jump through walls).

Prayer of Mending Tracker add-on
A nice to have add-on, that I am currently using, is Prayer of Mending Tracker.  It tracks who has your PoM, how much time remains on its 30 second duration and how much each cast has healed.  There are other similar add-ons but I have found this one to work well.

How I use PoM
I cast it a lot and early in fights.  I almost always cast it on the tank, usually the main tank.  In fights with low AoE I tend to re-cast it in preference to Flash Heal and always if it has expired (i.e. no one has my PoM).

In fights with moderate or greater AoE I usually just recast it if it expires.  Its a set-and-forget type heal which goes about randomly healing people while I concentrated on actively triage healing.  Here is a quick look at 5 target, no-overheal Aoe healing.


  • Prayer of Healing – 1841 mana – 22651 healing – 12.30 HPM
  • PoM – 518 mana – 14098 healing – 27.22 HPM


  • Circle of Healing – 806 mana – 9554 healing – 11.86 HPM
  • Prayer of Healing – 1473 mana – 27236 healing – 18.49 HPM
  • PoM – 460 mana – 17174 healing – 37.31 HPM

PoH has more throughput (just, if you look at healing per second) but is much less efficient.  CoH, well one day i’ll spec Holy and figure out why its popular.  Must be the smart healing angle.

So make sure you use your PoM.  In 3.1 put it up there with your PW:S and Penance (Disc) or Flash and Renew (Holy) and get good value out of this nifty spell.


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