Elemental shaman blogs

OK, OK I get the idea.  You want more posts on elemental shaman stuff, i see…

The story is that I recently posted about gearing elemental shaman for heroics and raids and blam!  These two posts are generating traffic like this is the only elementalist type blog out there.  So to help you all out here are some other blogs with elemental information.  They are not ‘all’ there is but most of the rest haven’t been updated for months.

So check these out:

That’s it!  There are a few enhancement and resto blogs out here too, but choices are pretty limited really.  I suppose because of the different style of play for DPS (proactive, rather than reactive), there is less to discuss regarding mechanics, specs and boss fights.  Once you have your spec and rotation sorted all you need is a general strategy for boss fights and a gear list and you’re good-to-go.  DPS whatever the leader says to and don’t stand in anything suspicious on the floor.  Perhaps i’m missing something…

Not a blog, but also worth a read is Elitist Jerks on Elementalists.

I’ll have to give elementalist topics some more thought. *goes looking for elementalist insight*

Gobble gobble.


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