Healing Priest Blogs

Wow!  I just discovered yet another pair of intelligently written priest blogs.  I am constantly amazed that healing, especially priest healing, is such a popular subject for blogging about. So just in case there are others out there who don’t know about all of these here is a list of priest blogs (or mixed blogs with a significant number of priestly posts) I’ve seen:

Sorry if i’ve left you off, but i’m not yet aware of your blog.  Please feel free to add a comment with any others.

Compare this list with say elemental shaman blogs

Gobble gobble.

PS Not a blog, but don’t forget to check out PlusHeal.

7 Responses to Healing Priest Blogs

  1. addoluciano says:

    Forgot my HolyHeals =)

  2. BobTurkey says:

    Ok added: http://holyheals.com/

    There were quite a few blogs that started after 3.0.2.

  3. valura1 says:

    Though I don’t classify it as a priest blog specifically, I play a priest as my main so I wind up writing about healing a lot.


  4. addoluciano says:

    Hey Thanks!

  5. […] a quickie. I’ve been through and updated my list of healing priest blogs.  Sadly I removed a lot more than I […]

  6. KiwiRed says:

    Yay, thank you for the link.

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