I certainly was surprised.  No idea what i’m talking about?  Fair enough.

Over the weekend I managed to make the second half our Naxx 25 raiding (RL > WoW) and was a little surprised (no this isn’t the surprise, it’s just a warm up surprise) to find out that the previous night they’d cleared OS 25 and three wings of Naxx 25, which is about one more wing than usual.  I had a little selfish thought wishing they’d not done Plague Wing yet ’cause I wanted another chance at some nice loot in there, including my 7.5 shoulders.  Oh well, guess I might get to finally see Gluth tonight.

The raid leader, who is also MT, was in an aggressive mood and my fingers were flying all the way through the trash up to Patchwerk.  Finally he stopped for a breather and the gasping healers sculled mage water hoping he won’t pull Patch for at least a few more seconds.  I finally get a chance to organise the healers after identifying which of the PUGs are healing.  Short story even shorter Patch goes down in a very workman like performance and drops bundles of heavy armour (i.e. not cloth).

Frogger… I can never understand this ‘boss’. I see people crossing and it looks like they are running through the slimes and surviving and other times they just die mysteriously.  Some players are so bad they have to be rez ported across pretty much every time.

Anyway, Grob in 25s is so much easier (or at least seems to be) than in 10s.  After we ‘fix’ the player who causes the first wipe by removing disease continually, we only just kill him (the boss not the player) the second time despite clouds of death lying around all over the shop in random locations.  Players who raid without Deadly Boss Mods and Vent… a post for another time…  My first time killing him.  As usual more DPS fixed the problem 🙂

OMG!!!  Turkelife has kittens!!  Cowl of Vanity!  The only head upgrade to ever drop in a raid!  Well except Faerlina’s Madness which has dropped three times, has no meta gem slot, and healers have to get in line behind 13 caster DPS to have a chance of getting it.

I’m probably going to ruin it by mentioning it, but I have a superstition about rolling on gear.  I never ever roll well if I roll immediately.  I have to count to about 5 and then roll.  Seems to work.

/roll 100
Turkelife rolls 63 out of 100

Not bad.  Beats two other early rollers 😉  I hold my breath.  Someone else rolls, but is lower.

SURPRISE!! A head upgrade! *Happy dance* It looks a bit weird, but compared to the bondage mask that i’ve been wearing for the last 3 months its much better.  Good enough for me to turn my hat display on for a while.  Its pretty much best in slot, except a hat from heroic Eye of Eternity and we won’t be beating that anytime soon.

So on a wave of euphoria we get to the ‘pipe boss’.  Easy.  Not sure how people fall off this, although I didn’t fool around with Levitate while on it 😉  Time for the big puppy.

Gluth goes down like a sack of the proverbial.  Other than the kiter(s) being right up the back of the room and causing some excitement by being out of range from time to time this fight wasn’t too bad. I did get to use my awesome healing laser on one rabid zombie chow who escaped and almost made it to Gluth.  No idea what dropped, still on cloud nine over the new hat 😉

Wipe!  Wow!  That ‘trash’ after Gluth is harder than he is.  These big giant things, which are being tanked by the MT, are knocking me back even though i’m already out of range of the MT.  This is crazy!  What the hell is their range on that ability?!? First time we pulled 2 shades and a couple of giants.  At least we killed the shades. Second time we restrain ourselves and just pull a couple of giants.  We almost wipe, but survive.

Thaddius – 30 million health – Wow thats 50% more than Loatheb and I though it took a long time to kill.  Other than a handful of PUGs, and the guildies who were in our first ever full clear, this is the first time most raiders have ever been here.

My first impression is that I like the fight.  Hard for sure, but doable.  Very, very unforgiving, for new raiders.  On all six attempts we get past the little mini-bosses with ease.  On the first attempt the first polarity change wipes the entire raid.  By the sixth attempt we were getting him to about 40% before he enrages.  Too many people dying slowed down the DPS.  Fun though.  I’m looking forward to the next round.

I was going to say I healed pretty hard on Thaddius, but on Sunday we had our first(?) guild attempt at Eye of Eternity in 10 man.  OMG i’ve never healed so hard in my life!  Global cool down healing to the max.  Once again we had about six or so attempts and got him down to about 40ish percent before people headed to bed.  Like most inexperienced teams we had trouble getting the sparks sorted mainly for the extra DPS.

A busy weekend (for me).

Gobble gobble.


2 Responses to Surprise!

  1. Fear.Win says:

    Grats on the loot!

    Thaddius is a game-breaker for newer groups but once people understand how the polarity issue works and that dps needs to hug each other (for the polarity stacking dps buff) in order to beat the enrage timer, its just as easy on 25s as 10s. I had a lot more fun doing it on 25s, personally.

    Malygos on 10 or 25 isn’t my favorite encounter. Phase 1 and 2 are easy (as long as your DKs pull sparks to the center of the room and DPS stands in them for the damage buff) but phase 3 is way too gimmicky for me.

    Good luck to you guys.

  2. BobTurkey says:

    Thanks. I think Thaddius is going to be a road block for a fair while as we are a pretty casual guild. As I said in the post I liked the fight so progrssing past it from a personal perspective should be fun rather than a grind.

    Malygos phase 1 and 2 were fine and I quite liked phase 2 with the shrinking shields and flying discs. Phase 3 will be OK, but i’m not a huge fan of the vehicle system. Sometimes fun but often not. My main issues with it being able to see anything as display area is often obscured but your vehicle and I can’t figure out how it determines which bar it is displaying so I can’t hot key anything.

    Visual click targeting *and* ability mouse clicking…ugg!

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