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Back!  I don’t usually write a about guild stuff on here but its such turbulent times ATM I don’t think this post is going to make much difference.

Firstly our excellent guild leadership team returned to Wow last night after about a month MIA.  For various RL reasons they have these absences, but this one was longer than normal.  They returned with TEH BOMB!  Firstly they are getting married (congratulations again guys), secondly they are both quiting Wow.  Time to move on.  Important RL stuff happening, etc, etc.

Both will be missed as they were both a steadying force and did a decent job of leading the organisation of the guild (with the officers help).  They were also of course good people to game with.

So we’re temporarily leaderless.

Interestingly in their absence there has also been some drama.  One of the officers, and our raid leader, has done a little reorganisation and has promoted a couple of people/reaccepted returning leavers.  This has caused some waves and at least one of the other officers has left as a result.

We also had a 14 year old say she was leaving to join her husband and then return on an alt to brag about what they have been doing in another guild.  I’m not sure why people bother making this stuff up.  If your leaving just say your leaving and do it, don’t make stuff up to excuse your actions.

We also had a few guildies leave in protest (I think) and mostly rejoin because one of their (social) group wasn’t automatically slotted into our 25 Naxx raid one night.  Another one of those crazy situations where the raid leader, and most of the officers, are trying to both lead the raid (clear trash in Spider Quarter from memory) and fill the last slot in it the raid.  A bit of mis-communication and a few minutes delay and suddenly the guildie leaves.  A few minutes later a few, what I assume were friends of the guildie, leave also. Crazy, crazy, crazy.  Thankfully the good ones came back.

Also a few of the perpetual ‘main spec’ issues that seem to come with being a casual guild.  One of our Holy Paly’s became well geared raiding (largely due to being the only raiding paly healer at that point) and then changed his main toon to a DK he was leveling.  Not an issue until he gets upset that we can’t find a slot for a fresh 80 DK in a raid already overflowing with DPS…

On top of this we are on the cusp of our first Naxx 25 clear and the pressure that has come with that, especially for some of our more casual raiders.  Pushing for progression is great, but in a casual raiding guild it requires a bit more work. It also comes with a few additional issues like people dropping train sets when the raid leader is trying to outline the strategy and people generally acting like idiots.

I’ve done the guild leadership thing in my previous MMO and suffice to say i’m happy to be a useful follower rather than a leader this time around.  We have good officers/leadership in our guild and the issues have been handled well, but I know that ‘guild drama’ has a lot more impact than the rank and file usually notice. Handling guild drama is usually a draining experience and when I was handling it it got to the stage where I wasn’t looking forward to logging on and being whispered with the latest drama and being expected to arbitrate it.

So it will be interesting to see who the new leader will be and how they manage.  It will also be interesting to see what the guild is like in a month or two.  I suspect there could be some significant changes in the near future.

A bit different from all the “we’re bored with current raiding” complaints you hear about everywhere else. 🙂


4 Responses to Guild leadership

  1. Fear.Win says:

    This is a huge reason why I’m dont with organized 25-man raiding lol. This sums up the last year of TBC raiding for me.

    Good luck to you guys and hopefully you get that Naxx clear.

  2. emptyay says:

    Bob! You’ve been Scrapped! Whoo! Head over to my blog to see all the nice things I wrote about you!

    I agree with the “useful follower” ideal…too much in WoW gets too serious when you have to lead.


  3. BobTurkey says:

    @Fear.Win – They downed Thaddius and Saph and only had Mr KT to do. Sadly that was to be yesterday (Tuesday) which is always a non-gaming day for me. I hope they did it too.

    @Misa – *points at this post*
    🙂 Thanks for the compliments though.

  4. emptyay says:

    Hehe, I know you already got it, but to not name you would be rediculous haha.


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