Another 3.1 first impressions post


I am TEH EVIL (again)!  Turkelife hasn’t been a shadow priest since level 58, but now she’s back.  First impressions … wow what a lot of DPS buttons!  My previous DPSer (Turkemoo), an elementalist, has about 4 buttons to hit.  Maintain Flame Shock and then use the following priority order Lava Burst > Chain Lightning > Lightning Bolt.

Turkelife, the shadow priest reborn, has like 8 buttons or something to hit.  I’m not even going to attempt to outline her DPS strategy ’cause I have only half a clue on what it should be.  She has like 4 DoTs plus 4 damage abilities plus PW:S.  I spent half the night trying to decide which of the skull icons I should be pushing any any one time.  Anyway i’m, sure i’ll get on top of it.

Dual specs work out of the box.  It took me an hour standing at the priest traininer to get my action bars set up so that some would appear or disappear depending on me being in Shadowform or not.  I’m mostly there now.  I forgot to get my spriest glyphs from my bank, oh well.

Speaking of addons, other than being out of date most seem to be working although my whispers I send to others aren’t appearing and someone said it is probably an out-of-date Deadly Boss Mods doing it.  So that needs updating.  I think the new Bartender4 is supposed to change bars when I change specs, but I can’t figure out how to do it.  I think Gatherer is having issues. Will look into it over the weekend.

My Disc healing build and bars are good to go, and i’m looking forward to trying it out, probably Friday night.  I found Body and Soul from my other post .  Its in the Holy tree in about talent tier 8 and so completely useless to Disc priests.  A bit of a shame as it looked fun.  In fact it looks pretty useless generally where it is as I can’t see many Holy priests casting PW:S too often. *shrugs*

The new hymns are as awesome as they look on paper and I was seeing Hymn of Hope tick for about 800 mana and Divine Hymn ticks for almost 8k (sounds too much, but I think thats right).

Turkemoo loaded up his elementalist build, which is pretty much identical to his previous one.  He’ll pick up his dual spec (Resto) when I figure out where to put the points.  I have already noticed a lot more healers available following the patch.  Or perhaps ‘healers’ is to strong a word.  Think guildies who now have a healing off spec and are saying things like, “so who is game to try a heroic we me healing” 🙂  Should be fun.  This is great from a personal point of view because having a healing main results in pressure to heal stuff for guildies, even if there is no point from a character development point of view (e.g. heroics).  Hopefully this will be lessened.

I don’t ‘get’ Resto shaman yet.  People say they are awesome, but i’ve been less than impressed with those i’ve seen.  Perhaps i’ve just played with average ones.  We actually don’t have any expereinced ones in the guild so i’m sure its lack of exposure, not potential.  I’ll get to experience them from the inside soon.  That’s going to be a steep learning curve i think.  “Where is my instant cast PW:S/PoM/Penance/Renew?”

Moowall (Prot warrior) spent his talent points and I was excited to ignore the +5% crit from Cruelty this time around and pick up Warbringer instead.  I also bound Charge to my R key ready for action.  His rested xp is almost at 100% again so i’ll need to do some work over the weekend.

Uldar?  Argent Tournament?  Eventually.

Oh, the new quest tool tips are handy.

Patching was interesting.  96% downloaded (torrented) in about 10s and it took an hour to download the last 4% via direct download.  Otherwise uneventful.

That will do…


2 Responses to Another 3.1 first impressions post

  1. derevka says:

    Divine Hymn rocks, Bob. 10k crits, and I am loving being crit heavy! The 10 min CD seems about right since this spell can be “raid saving”.

    For shadow, I like Classtimers or Event Horizon. Check them out.

  2. BobTurkey says:

    Yeah Divine Hymn is a pretty serious healing spell on a long timer. I will be reminding priests of all specs to use both it and Hymn of Hope regularly.

    I will have to look into the addons at some stage. So much to do, so little time 😉

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