Obsidian Sanctum buffed!


Due to player complaints about the ease of completing all pre-3.1 raid content Blizzard have buffed the Obsidian Sanctum raid instance!

This wasn’t in the patch notes, but this diligent blogger has put in an hours hard work discovering and documenting this new feature for readers.  To increase the difficulty of OS the firewalls are now stealthed!  Thats right readers the firewalls now have a stealth ability, which makes them more challenging to avoid.  They now rise up, often twice in quick succession, and then enter stealth mode.

Beware of stealthed firewalls.  While they appear to be nearly stationary initially and moving towards you there is actually a cloaked firewall about 15 yards in front of it sneaking in to wipe out your raiders.  If you are one of those raiders that has trouble with normal, pre-stealthed, firewalls I suggest you avoid OS in future as the new stealth firewalls will drive you and your raid leader insane!

Blizzard has not seen fit to increase loot after the buff and some players are asking for T8.5 loot from OS 25 to compensate for the new stealth firewalls.


In other news if your guild has already downed the loot pinata Flame Leviathan then you might find these recent postings on Razorscale worth reading.

Death of VoA PUGs

In other news VoA pugs may be a thing of the past.  Due to the new challenging raid boss Emalon the Stormwatcher I see VoA pugs dying out.  Archavon the Stone Watcher was very puggable and despite PUG insanity causing kamakazi runs at the trash, was mostly easy loot.  Emalon is far more difficult and results in PUG schisms.  VoA pugs now contain a small number of usually sometimes well geared players who demand that the raid do Emalon first.  They do not want to get saved to a loser raid ID by doing the easier Watcher first.  This results in the pug wiping once or twice on the new boss boss’ trash before usually disintegrating.

Farewell crazy VoA PUG raids.  Hello guild VoA raids!

BTW I have something special starting in a few days.  So stay tuned.

Gobble gobble.

PS Yes i’m in a slightly silly mood this morning.  I think it’s the coffee.


2 Responses to Obsidian Sanctum buffed!

  1. wantedpriest says:

    Hehe. The stealth firewalls had us scratching our heads as well. Pretty sure we used to faceroll this place, uh . . . Good times.


  2. Fear.Win says:

    This happened in OS-10 and OS-25 the other day. The Flame Walls rise up.. but as soon as they got to the platform they dissapeared and killed half the raid. Good times!

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