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Leveling a protection warrior continues to be a thoroughly enjoyable experience.  Patch 3.1 had minimal impact on my prot warrior other than giving him a free respec.  So I took the plunge and specced away from Cruelty all together in order to reach the bottom of the Prot tree faster.  This allowed me to immediately take Warbringer which is as I expected a complete pleasure.  I was pulling with Taunt for the first 50 levels but now I can charge everything and charge often.

I have not missed Cruelty at all.  This could be partially because following respecing I also discovered Berserker Rage.  More rage every 30s, i love it!  This ability plus 3/3 in Focused Rage now means Shield Slam has assumed it’s rightful place as priority one in the rotation.  Shield Slam is currently critting for just over 1k even in my quest greens.

I’ll be picking up Sword and Board very soon and i’m expecting to go from using most global cool downs to wishing I had more of them.

I also only put the minimal points in Shield Specialization this time around.  My current spec at level 54 looks like this:

I’ll continue working my way down the Prot tree and then take 3/3 in Armored to the Teeth from Fury.  Finally i’m currently planning on moving into Arms for Impale/Deep Wounds for a level 80 spec something like this:

At level 50/51 I moved into Ungoro Crater where the Level 54 dinosaurs can easily be solo’ed. Level 55’s are doable, but slow, mainly because they are harder to hit (WTB Hit gear while leveling).  Soloing one takes about 40% health loss, so dying isn’t an issue.  At this level soloing 2-3 apes around level 52-53 is feasible, but sometimes requires a bandage afterwards.  Don’t forget Shield Wall for the bigger, multi pulls.

Now with Warbringer leveling the Prot warrior is such fun that I look forward to the “kill X” quests and i’m going to be a bit sad when I get to 80 and have to think about being a real tank 😉  With the BoA shoulders effecting quest rewards since 3.1 i’m expecting 80 to be here even faster.

Next alt… a druid 🙂

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  1. GO DRUID ALTS! /highfivethroughtheinternet

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