Priest Theorycrafting – Mana regeneration (Part 2)


  1. Introduction
  2. Mana regeneration
  3. Mana pool
  4. Haste rating
  5. Critical rating
  6. Summary

Before I get into mana regeneration I will mention two best guesses that are used in my model.

Spell Power

Firstly I continue DwarfPriest’s weighting for spell power (SP) to MP5 of 0.6. This is effectively defining the relationship between mana equivalence points (MEP) and healing equivalence points (HEP) used in other models.

I am yet to discover any evidence for this or any other ratio between HEP and MEP. DwarfPriest alludes to having previously calculated this somehow (see Spellpower vs Mana section), but I am unable to discover how she did it.

The 0.6 SP = 1.0 MP5 is very important to the model and adds a lot of sensitivity to it. A number of other stats are calculated based on this ratio and changing it changes their weightings also.

Spell power MP5 value = 0.6

Holy priests also benefit from Spiritual Guidance (SG), which adds 25% of their spirit as spell power.  They also get 5% extra spirit from the Spirit of Redemption talent.

Spiritual Guidance Spirit MP5 value = SP MP5 * SG SP bonus * Spirit stat mod
Spiritual Guidance Spirit MP5 value = 0.6 * 25% * 1.05
Spiritual Guidance Spirit MP5 value = 0.1575


Secondly I have plucked a best guess number from the air for a stamina weighting. Stamina is often ignored in gear weighting models but I think this is a mistake. Dead players don’t DPS or heal. Now, having said that, I can not offer a method for calculating a stamina weighting and have instead plucked 0.2 out as a number which gives stamina some weight without getting to heavy.

Stamina MP5 value = 0.2

Mana regeneration

OK, now on to the real topic of this post. There are two parts to this section: mana regeneration based on the 5 second rule; and mana regeneration for holy spec priests with Holy Concentration.


Base mana regeneration outside the 5 seconds rule (OS5SR) has this formula (since 3.1):

MP5 = 3 * (0.001 + sqrt(Int) * Spirit * LevelRegen)

Where LevelRegen is a constant of 0.005575 at level 80.

Base MP5 (OS5SR) is:

  • Discipline = 439 MP5
  • Holy = 406 MP5

IS5SR MP5 is:

  • Discipline = 439 x 50% = 219.5 MP5
  • Holy = 406 x 50% = 203 MP5

Actual MP5, based on 90% IS5SR is MP5 = (10% x OS5SR MP5) + (90% x IS5SR MP5)

  • Discipline MP5 = (10% x 439) + (90% x 220) = 242
  • Holy MP5 = (10% x 406) + (90% x 203) = 223

To calculate the value of Spirit and Intellect to MP5 we need to calculate the actual MP5 for each spec when 1 Spirit is added and when 1 Intellect is added. Both specs also have stat modifing talents such as Mental Agility (+15% Int) for Disc.  So we don’t add 1 Int for Disc we add 1.15.  Same applies for Enlightenment (+6% spirit for Disc) and Spirit of Redemption (+5% spirit for Holy).

Here we go (hold on to your math napkins).

Spirit MP5 value = MP5 (Spirit+(1*stat mod)) – MP5 (Spirit)
Spirit MP5 value = (10% x 3 * (0.001 + sqrt(Int) * (Spirit+(1 * stat mod)) * LevelRegen)) + (90% x (3 * (0.001 + sqrt(Int) * (Spirit+(1 * stat mod)) * LevelRegen) x 50%)) – (10% x 3 * (0.001 + sqrt(Int) * Spirit * LevelRegen)) + (90% x (3 * (0.001 + sqrt(Int) * Spirit * LevelRegen) x 50%))

So plugging the numbers into this formula we end up with:

  • Spirit MP5 weighting for Discipline = 0.3222
  • Spirit MP5 weighting for Holy = 0.2977

Intellect MP5 value = MP5 (Int+(1 * stat mod)) – MP5 (Int)

Intellect MP5 value = (10% x 3 * (0.001 + sqrt(Int+(1 * stat mod)) * Spirit * LevelRegen)) + (90% x (3 * (0.001 + sqrt(Int+(1 * stat mod)) * Spirit * LevelRegen) x 50%)) – (10% x 3 * (0.001 + sqrt(Int) * Spirit * LevelRegen)) + (90% x (3 * (0.001 + sqrt(Int) * Spirit * LevelRegen) x 50%))

So plugging the numbers into this formula we end up with:

  • Intellect MP5 weighting for Discipline = 0.1271
  • Intellect MP5 weighting for Holy = 0.1174

Holy Concentration

Holy priests have an additional source of MP5 style mana regeneration from Holy Concentration (HC). This talent gives the player 50% additional mana regeneration for 8 seconds after scoring a critical with Flash Heal, Greater Heal, Binding Heal or Renew.

I am not yet sure if the 50% extra mana regeneration is based on OS5SR or IS5SR. Initially I assumed IS5SR (for at least 5 seconds after trigger HC you’d have to be IS5SR), but I have read blog entries of in game estimates which look to be OS5SR. Also to make Holy Concentration roughly equal to Rapture in value it would have to be OS5SR, so I have used OS5SR.

The 50% extra mana regeneration is a straight 1.5 times whatever you regen would normally be.  So it can be part inside and part outside the five second rule.  So I continue the 90% IS5SR assumption.

Given the above calculation for Holy of 223 MP5  the HC MP5 can be calculated as:

HC MP5 = MP5 x 50% additional regen x HC uptime
HC MP5 = 223 x 50% x 45%
Holy Concentration MP5 = 50

Calculation of Holy concentrations addition to Spirit’s MP5 value is similar to the base Spirit MP5 calculation but simplified.

HC Spirit MP5 value = Spirit MP5 value * uptime * extra regen
HC Spirit MP5 value =0.2977 x 45% * 50%
HC Spirit MP5 value = 0.0669

HC Intellect MP5 value = Intellect MP5 value * uptime * extra regen
HC Intellect MP5 value =0.1174 x 45% * 50%
HC Intellect MP5 value = 0.0264

Note there is no Intellect stat modifier for Holy priests.


Holy Concentration is worth about 142 MP5 at this gearing level.

Discipline have:

  • Base Spirit MP5 weighting of 0.3222
  • Base Intellect MP5 weighting of 0.1271

Holy have:

  • Base Spirit MP5 weighting of 0.2977
  • HC Spirit MP5 value = 0.0669
  • Base Intellect MP5 weighting of 0.1174
  • HC Intellect MP5 value = 0.0264

I’ll bring all the numbers together in a post at the end.

3 Responses to Priest Theorycrafting – Mana regeneration (Part 2)

  1. obichad says:

    DP’s SP rating of .6 always seemed high to me, but I do have a hard time finding data to back that up. I’ve been using .4 for a while now instead. Anyone have any ideas on how we might do some modeling to determine the SP MP5 relationship?

    Regarding Holy Concentration, I get the theory behind it having that high of an uptime, but all my WWS logs since 3.1 never have me getting it that high. I seem to average in the 30% range somewhere. Granted my crit is a bit low so that doesn’t help.

  2. jedimax says:


    I think you should exclude the Stamina or lower it with the progress (starting heroics, T7, T8) because:

    Stamina don’t save lives. Suriving is not about having lots of hp. It is about “knowing the encounter”, react fast and “healing yourselfes”.

    The base-Stamina, which is provided by the items is totally enough. More Stamina just enlarges the time you can react … so you can stand longer in some flames.

  3. BobTurkey says:

    Stamina does save lives. Without it you have less health and “react fast” becomes react instantly or die.

    You could continue the base-stamina argument to say that the base-[insert atribute here] (e.g. spell power) on items is enough so it could be removed. This continuation of the argument is actually fairly true also. You can quite easily gear without looking at gear lists, which are really only about fine tuning.

    Feel free ignore the stamina component and by making it a zero weighting.

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