Soul Warding nerf


Here comes the first nerf of Disc, but probably not the last.  As Kitts pointed out Soul Warding now only reduces PW:S mana cost by 15%.

T’was bound to happen.

Now back to our regular programming.


3 Responses to Soul Warding nerf

  1. wantedpriest says:

    Huh. I ran several heroics last night and didn’t notice any difference, even with a group of all melee dps that I was pretty regularly shielding. Then again, I am one of those ‘regen is hot’ Disc Priests, so Blizz might need to use a bigger nerf bat before I feel the pain.

    I could see how this nerf might hurt if you were spamming bubbles on the entire raid (i.e. being a raid mitigator), and relying on holy priests or resto shamans to provide the aoe heals. Other than that, it seems like Weakened Soul limits the impact of this nerf.


  2. BobTurkey says:

    Old PW:S mana cost = 556
    New PW:S mana cost = 675
    Difference = 119 extra mana per cast. Looks significant.

    I only ran OS25 last night. I didn’t notice much difference, i don’t think, but it was late by the time we finished so I wouldn’t consider last night a reliable observation 😉

  3. Depends on what you’re running, how flexible your assignments are, and if you don’t panic.

    I panic. So bubbles fo’ everyone.

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