Priest Theorycrafting – Summary (Part 6)


  1. Introduction
  2. Mana regeneration
  3. Mana pool
  4. Haste rating
  5. Critical rating
  6. Summary

So is your brain hurting yet? Let us gather the various parts together and have a look at some of the numbers.


  • Discipline = 1.00
  • Holy = 1.00


  • Discipline = 0.3222
    • MP5 value from mana regen = 0.3222
  • Holy = 0.5222
    • MP5 value from mana regen = 0.2977
    • MP5 value from Holy Concentration = 0.0664
    • MP5 value from Spiritual Guidance = 0.1575


  • Discipline = 0.8915
    • MP5 value from mana regen = 0.1271
    • MP5 value from maximum mana = 0.2395
    • MP5 value from Replenishment = 0.1725
    • MP5 value from Shadowfiend = 0.0958
    • MP5 value from Rapture = 0.1437
    • MP5 value from critical healing = 0.05
    • MP5 value from Divine Aegis = 0.045
    • MP5 value from Inspiration  =  0.0176
  • Holy = 0.6890
    • MP5 value from mana regen = 0.1174
    • MP5 value from Holy Concentration = 0.0264
    • MP5 value from maximum mana = 0.20833
    • MP5 value from Replenishment = 0.15
    • MP5 value from Shadowfiend = 0.08333
    • MP5 value from critical healing = 0.0455
    • MP5 value from Surge of Light = 0.0434
    • MP5 value from Inspiration = 0.0179

Spell Power

  • Discipline = 0.6
  • Holy = 0.6

Critical Rating

  • Discipline = 0.3564
    • MP5 value from critical healing = 0.1583
    • MP5 value from Divine Aegis = 0.1425
    • MP5 value from Inspiration = 0.0557
  • Holy = 0.3763
    • MP5 value from critical healing = 0.1655
    • MP5 value from Surge of Light = 0.1578
    • MP5 value from Inspiration = 0.0530


  • Discipline = 0.2
  • Holy = 0.2

Haste Rating

  • Discipline = 0.2924
    • MP5 value from hasted healing = 0.2924
  • Holy = 0.3059
    • MP5 value from hasted healing = 0.3059


Source Disc Holy
MP5 1.0000 1.0000
Spirit 0.3223 0.5222
Intellect 0.8915 0.6890
SP 0.6000 0.6000
Crit rating 0.3564 0.3763
Stamina 0.2000 0.2000
Haste rating 0.2925 0.3059

Discipline LootRank

Holy LootRank

Pawn values

Pawn values for these are:

( Pawn: v1: "Discipline31": Stamina=0.2, Intellect=0.8915, Spirit=0.3223, RedSocket=12.5323, CritRating=0.3564, MetaSocket=18.7224, HasteRating=0.2925, BlueSocket=10.1323, YellowSocket=14.2647, SpellPower=0.6, Mp5=1)

( Pawn: v1: "Holy31": Stamina=0.2, Intellect=0.6890, Spirit=0.5222, RedSocket=10.9123, CritRating=0.3763, MetaSocket=14.4697, HasteRating=0.3059, BlueSocket=9.6897, YellowSocket=11.0246, SpellPower=0.6, Mp5=1)

Note that the gem values are derived from the best-in-slot blue gems for each socket. These for both specs are Insightful Earthsiege Diamond (meta), Brilliant Autumn’s Glow (yellow), Luminous Monarch Topaz (red), Dazzling Forest Emerald (Disc – blue) and Seer’s Forest Emerald (Holy – blue).


How much MP5 are abilities worth a T7.5 gearing level?

  • Replenishment about 180-200 MP5
  • Shadowfiend about 100-110 MP5
  • Rapture about 165 MP5
  • Holy Concentration about 50 MP5
  • Divine Aegis about 130 MP5 at 20% crit
  • Surge of light about 145 MP5 at 20% crit
  • Inspiration about 60 MP5 at 20% crit

Basic sensitivity analysis

The numbers don’t change much based on starting heroics and T7 gearing levels. As would be expected there is relatively less importance attached to Crit and Haste rating making spell power more valuable.

Starting heroics

(Spell power: 1200, IFSR MP5: 200, Spirit: 500, Int: 700, Crit: 12%)

Source Disc Holy
MP5 1.0000 1.0000
Spirit 0.2767 0.4705
Intellect 0.8465 0.6486
SP 0.6000 0.6000
Crit rating 0.3039 0.3462
Stamina 0.2000 0.2000
Haste rating 0.2413 0.2503

Starting T7

(Spell power: 1400, IFSR MP5: 230, Spirit: 600, Int: 800, Crit: 14%)

Source Disc Holy
MP5 1.0000 1.0000
Spirit 0.2958 0.4922
Intellect 0.8630 0.6646
SP 0.6000 0.6000
Crit rating 0.3179 0.3546
Stamina 0.2000 0.2000
Haste rating 0.2550 0.2657

T7.5 Raid buffed

Numbers for the original data with some raid buffs (Blessing of Kings, Mark of the Wild, Divine Spirit, Arcane Brilliance, Inner Fire) are pretty similar to unbuffed. You could throw even more buffs in there but the effect is minimal on the final gear list.

Source Disc Holy
MP5 1.0000 1.0000
Spirit 0.3836 0.6120
Intellect 0.9941 0.7826
SP 0.6000 0.6000
Crit rating 0.3686 0.3848
Stamina 0.2000 0.2000
Haste rating 0.3043 0.3216

Thanks for reading and your constructive comments.

Gobble gobble.

( Pawn: v1: “Discipline31”: Stamina=0.2, Intellect=0.9031, Spirit=0.3516, RedSocket=12.6248, CritRating=0.3564, MetaSocket=18.9652, HasteRating=0.2925, BlueSocket=10.2248, YellowSocket=14.4497, SpellPower=0.6, Mp5=1)

23 Responses to Priest Theorycrafting – Summary (Part 6)

  1. Khaeli says:

    Yes, my head is definitely hurting.

    It’s very interesting to loot at your Disc and Holy Lootranks side-by-side and see the similarity between the two. This is reassuring as I anticipate having to switch back-and-forth between Holy and Disc, and as such won’t find myself having to amass completely different gear sets (this is a testament, perhaps, to Ulduar itemization).

    Thanks for running the numbers, Bob.

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  3. jedimax says:

    focused on the disc-values:

    Thanks for the work … but i feel a little uncomfortable with your values, cause the are based on mp5. so mp3 is rated very high, and it’s a mana-regen-stat.

    right now i have no issues with my manaregen, so i am wondering, why i should bother. if someone knows good values based on sp or HPS, please link (or mail me).

  4. […] that the weight scale for this has been calculated by BobTurkey. He’s got a full post explaining the reasoning behind it, plus links to LootRank with the […]

  5. BobTurkey says:

    @jedimax – The Doctor at Elitest Jerks has a set of “throughput” weightings which might be of use.

    The Munchland wrote up a list based on it here:

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  7. malgayne says:

    Hey Bob—Malgayne from here. You may know that we use a Stat Weighting system similar to this on our site. (

    We have preset scales for different classes, and I wanted to update the scales we had to something that looks a lot like what you’ve come up with here. I’d love for you to contact me ( if you make changes or updates to these.

    Excellent work. 🙂

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  17. Firebert says:

    If you don’t mind, I’ll post my weightings here for 3.2, based upon my char (assumptions below):

    MP5: 1
    SP: 0.6
    Sta: 0.2
    Spi: 0.2953
    Int: 0.8407
    Crit: 0.3563
    Haste: 0.2971

    MP5: 1
    SP: 0.6
    Sta: 0.2
    Spi: 0.4918
    Int: 0.6463
    Crit: 0.3956
    Haste: 0.3103

    Modified Assumptions:
    Time inside 5 second rule: 100%.
    Replenishment Uptime: 65%.
    Replenishment mana pool return per 5 sec: 0.2%.
    Shadowfiend hits 10 times and returns 5% of your mana pool every hit.
    Rapture procs every 15 secs.


  18. Firebert says:

    Erk, I wish for an edit button :/
    Just did some gem tables to make finding the best gem for each spec easier, and it’s come up with:

    Red: +9SP +8Int
    Yellow: +16Int
    Blue: +8Int +3mp5

    Red: +19SP
    Yellow: +9SP +8Int
    Blue: +9SP +8Spi

    with both metas as the Insightful Earthsiege (~80mp5).

    Spell power for Holy? I’ll mess with the gear and see what it does to itself, but I’m pretty sure I should be gemming differently.

  19. BobTurkey says:

    Those gems agree with what I use.

    I’ve steered away from +19SP gems previously as they were selling for 100+ gold a piece, but now their price iss tarting to come down i’ll start using them.

    You’ll probably find your stat weights prodice a gear list pretty much the same as mine.

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  22. […] 2009, under Gear, Guides Edit just when i was almost finished i found this scale on another blog. link i dont know at all if any one of these two scales still work under patch 3.2 I have to read more […]

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