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This is just random rambles about playing.  I do have a half formed post on tier set bonus in my head, but it’s a work in progress (or perhaps a figment of my imagination).

Saturday night Turkelife joined the guild Naxx 25 raid, participated in a Gluth wipe and then spent the next hour disconnecting and otherwise not having fun.  I restarted my PC to try see if that would help and my video card/monitor stop working… One of those nights 😦  I was particularly annoyed because she has been 2 emblems away from her 7.5 shoulders for a couple of weeks and one thing after another is interfering with raiding. One day.

I think i’m pretty much the healing lead in guild now, which is mostly good (for my ego), but means some responsibility I swore to avoid when I started in WoW.  *shrugs*  BTW how do people track raid buffs?  Part of the healing lead job apparently includes making sure people get the right buffs.  I have no idea how i’m going to do this.

Outside raid times she is still loitering in the Blade’s Edge Mountains trying to complete her last three quests for her Outlands Loremaster achievement.  This means getting Ogri’la and Sha’tari Skyguard rep and Apexis crystals to summon a couple of elites for the final quests.  This is by far the most annoying area to complete questing in for the Loremaster title.

Turkemoo, who is very undergeared, joined a PUG Naxx 25 run to do Death Knight wing and upper Naxx.  A few wipes but generally went very well.  Very good raid leading and amazingly little stuffing around.  Turkemoo, who has been in Naxx 25 twice in total has now killed Saph and KT and Turkelife, who has looted about 140 Emblems of Valour still hasn’t.  Such is life.

Raiding as a DPS was very refreshing though.  No healing assignments, no care factor if people stand in bad stuff and some different choices to make.  Fast targeting, DPS rotations and dropping totems instead of shielding the DPS you can see standing in the bad stuff and hope he moves.  Despite his poor DPS (a bit under 2k) at least he was close to the last man standing in all the fights.

I was hopeless on loot though.  I even got excited and rolled on the Torch of Holy Fire!  Think i’ve been a healing priest too long 😉  I rolled on at least 3 healer items before realising or being told what i’d done.

I think Saph is my favorite fight in Naxx.  I’m mesmerised by the blizzard (yes i’m easily impressed).

Moowall farmed thorium in Sithalis for a couple of hours to get both Mining 300+ and Jewelerycrafting 300+ ready for outlands.  A short stint in outlands and he has mostly new gear and is level 60.  I love Shockwave!

Funny thing is our guild doesn’t really need another tank (certainly not a 5th warrior tank), so I guess i’m leveling him just for fun.  Perhaps i’ll do a few instances.  Perhaps i’ll switch to Arms at 80 just for kicks.  Doesn’t seem to be too many raiding Arms warriors out there.

Must be altitis as i’ve started a druid…


4 Responses to Random updates

  1. xeonio says:

    I lead our raids and use an addon called Big Brother that lets me see all buffs (flasks / food, ai / paws / fort / spirit, pally buffs). Its probably not practical for making sure everyone keeps a buff though. I only check it before a boss encounter.

    I hate peeps asking for buffs over vent so I make it known at the start of the raid who is buffing what and if you need that buff to whisper that person.

  2. BobTurkey says:

    Personally I don’t have any issue keeping priest buffs on everyone all the time. I tend to be the strange priest buffing players the instant they are battle rezed and i’m generous with my raid wide buffs.

    However I know that paladins in pretty much any raid i’ve ever ben in seem to have an issue with buffing targets.

    I’m thinking of trying RaidBuffStatus addon as it might do what I want.

  3. sparklefreeze says:

    You can try using Surgeon General as well, I hear it’s not too bad. But personally, I prefer using a private channel for my healers, tanks and Master Looter/RL. We have a blast every raid QQ-ing abt the DPS there hahaz.

    RaidBuffStatus is a cool addon to have for monitoring buffs. But if you’re talking abt who gets what CORRECT buff, then I assume it’s the Pally blessings that’s the problem. I usually leave that to my Pally healer who sorts it in PallyPower.. =)

  4. Fear.Win says:

    Have every pally in your raid group download PallyPower. It’ll make your life (and theirs) much easier.

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