The respecing dust settles

I finally got around to finalising secondary specs for both priest and shaman last night.  For Turkelife (priest) I was initially excited about off-specing into Shadow for a bit of work on the dark side.  I figured I could solo as Shadow rather than Disc and maybe even DPS occasionally, once-in-a-while in raid.  Unfortunately shadow turned out to be not a lot more useful soloing.  Sure it outputs a fair bit more damage than Discipline, but it has weaker shields and no ability to self heal it dies faster.

Also raid-wise I suffer, like most healers from, well, having a healing main.  Due to ongoing shortages of healers, this makes it extremely hard for me to DPS in raids.  Unlike off-tank/DPS the times you can afford a healer to DPS for the entire duration of fights is fairly limited.  Being one of the best geared healers in the guild makes it even harder to argue for me to DPS as opposed to one of the lesser geared/experienced healers.

She also has enough hit gear to swap in for the horrid Mind Control duties on Instructor Raz (I hate that fight and I hate it three times if I have to MC.  Line-of-sight, delays in transfering “control” to target so I move and break MC and the stupid 20 yard range on MC, etc, etc).   So I don’t need to go shadow for Mind Control fights.

So last night I changed to Holy off-spec.   The plan is to try it on a gearing/farm type run so I can see how the other half live.  This is more for a change rather than feeling I need more AoE healing.

Turkemoo (shaman) also had his off-spec updated last night.  I finally pulled my finger out and figured out what was a decent Resto build for shaman.  Having only healed once as Resto I still don’t ‘get’ resto shaman, but a bit of research, a better spec and better understanding of guidelines of which spells to use when will help.  Being used to lots of instant cast spells as a Disc priest I think i’m going to find resto shaman hard to play to start with but hopefully I figure out their style.  My current opinion is that resto shaman are inferior to Disc priests, but i’m pretty sure this is just my ignorance of resto shaman.  I think the smart part of Chain Heal and Ancestral Awakening will prove me wrong.

Turkemoo has gone resto as i’m hoping to slip him in to heal some of the easier guild raids (e.g. Naxx 10) instead of being a bit bored healing them on Turkelife.  Otherwise I guess he’ll stick to PUGing as DPS (elemental).

Game on!


One Response to The respecing dust settles

  1. leneliesvoice says:

    I feel you there. I will never be able to shadow on a progression raid as our core disc priest. I see the bright side as doing shadow for my 5 mans with friends. Gets the dps fiending out of me. The stength of shadow is the aoe. Shield, dot the mobs up, and fear them around; rinse and repeat. Its how I get my dailies done. 🙂

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