Theorycrafting and gear list update


I’ve updated my theorycrafting posts slightly to include two changes.

Firstly as Zusterke pointed out over at WowInsider my assumption of 80% inside the 5 second rule was a little unlikely.  I’ve bumped this up to 90%.

Secondly i’ve changed the valuation of Holy Concentration.  Originally I was working off 70% uptime for this but there seems to be more support for an uptime more like 45%.  Also i’ve discovered the additional regen is a flat 50% of whatever you’d normally have (be it inside or outside the five second rule).  These two changes significantly reduce the value of Holy Concentration down from about 140-160 MP5 to about 50 MP5.  I’m suspecting a buff to HC might happen before too long.  Would be nice if they extended it to 12s duration or something.

This has some flow-on effects to my Discipline and Holy gear lists.  These lists are also updated to include some of the new stuff still being discovered in Uldar.

So if your interested go and have a look.

Gobble gobble.

PS Discovered another Discipline Priest blog.  This one likes numbers.


2 Responses to Theorycrafting and gear list update

  1. crzychkn says:

    I’m wondering, did you update the Pawn values for this update on that page as well?

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