I have the POWA!


*Queue the next line from some song from the 80’s* KLF?

I actually mean Power Auras Classic.  The addon, not the band.

I’ve been wanting to try this out for ages, but haven’t really found a good use for it for my healer.  A number of others have posted about this funky addon and it sounds and looks useful.

Enter my decision to finally get my act together and re-bind my mouse wheel to something more useful than zoom in/zoom out for my warrior and we have a perfect marriage of form and function.

Moowall's Power Aura Classic in action

So what are we looking at?  Well i’ve seen people with some of their action bars and other stuff displayed towards the centre of their screens and not anchored to the top or bottom.  Matticus, I think it was, posted about eye strain from zig zagging his eyes all over his screen and it occurred to me I spend a lot of eye travel time moving between the center of my screen, the bottom left where my action bars were and the top right where buff icons appear.

Ding!  An exclamation mark appeared above my head as I discovered a new quest had an idea to experiment with a new layout for my warrior.  Previously I had a pretty typical setup with two bars of 10 actions at the bottom left of screen with the chat window above.  Nothing was displayed in the middle where my toon was.  So I made some changes.

Firstly I moved my Shield Slam and Revenge actions off my visible bars (BarTender4) and on to a new bar which is enabled, but permanently hidden. I then bound the ‘=’ and ‘-‘ keys to zoom in and out (which doesn’t work that well, but that’s a minor issue) and bound Shield Slam to mouse wheel up and Revenge to mouse down.  Now I need a way of figuring out when to use Shield Slam and Revenge.

Enter Power Auras Classic. The gorgeous little addon should be core functionality I think.  It allows you to display graphical effects around your toon when certain conditions are met.  To configure it type ‘/powa’.  I set up three effects straight up:

  1. Shield Slam – I display a red dagger pointing up icon to the upper left of my toon when in combat and Shield Slam is usable.
  2. Revenge – I display a blue dagger pointing down icon (some icon, different colour and 180 degree symetry) to lower left of my toon when in combat and Revenge is usable.
  3. Battle Shout – I display a red shield icon to the bottom right of my toon when i’m in combat and I do not have the Battle Shout buff.

These all zoom in and out when they appear and disappear and they flash while visible.  Actually the Battle Shout one might pulse slowly, but the effect is similar.

Thirdly I moved my chat window to the very bottom left corner of the screen and moved my two main action bars above them and centered on my toon.  This means they are now only about 2 inches below the feet of my toon.  This means at least 3-4 inches less eye travel between targets/toon and action buttons.  Quartz displays just above these and immediately below my toon.  I also shuffled my buttons a bit.  Originally I had my main bar with, from left to right: Attack (bound to 1), Shield Slam (2), Heroic Strike (3), Revenge (4), Concussion Blow (5), Shock Wave (6), Shield Block (7), etc.  This is pretty much the Prot warrior skill priority order from left to right.  The new bar has Heroic Strike (1), Concussion Blow (2), Shock Wave (3), Shield Block (4), etc.  This means I can easily reach my keys with my left hand, which hovers over the QWEASD movement keys.  Shield Bash is bound to the ‘~’ button, to the left of number 1, which is easy reach for interrupting.

I then added a 4th and 5th effects:

  1. Glyph of Revenge – I display a white crossed swords effect immediately above my Heroic Strike button when my toon has the Glyph of Revenge buff (free Heroic strike after hitting with Revenge).  This also zooms in and out and flashes.  This is to inform me to use it after the glyph triggers.
  2. I also have set the same crossed swords effect to display when I have more than 80 Rage so that I can dump rage via Heroic Strike.

Prot warriors have a lot of buttons to push.  When soloing this results in a priority like this: Charge then if red shield appears hit Battle Shout > if red dagger up appears mouse wheel up to Shield Slam > if blue dagger down appears then mouse wheel down to Revenge > Shield Block + Blood Rage + Berserker Rage if off cool down > Concussion blow (button 2) > Shockwave (button 3) > Thunder Clap > Demoralising Shout > etc

If at any time the white crossed swords appear hit Heroic Strike (button 1) also.  Lots of buttons as I said.

The end result of this reconfiguration is that i’m pushing and clicking buttons a lot less.  I’m also not watching my buffs at all and watching the cool downs on my bars a lot less.  When i’m using the bars I am not having to move my eyes so far from the centre of the screen.  Formally the buff bar to action bars distance was about 20 inches with the center of the screen in between.  Now the eye travel distance is only about 3 inches.  My situational awareness has started to increase already.

It is also visually more interesting.  Watching buttons for cool downs and the buff region of the screen for Glyph of Revenge and Sword and Board procs is no where near as interesting as big red and blue daggers and shields and crossed swords appearing to tell me stuff.  Maybe the novelty will wear off, but so far so good.

Try it out sometime.


9 Responses to I have the POWA!

  1. feebis says:

    It’s a great mod.
    Have you tried it on your priest for tracking things like serendipity and surge of light?

  2. BobTurkey says:

    No i haven’t. I’m not sure what this would add to my healing to tell you the truth.

    I suppose for SoL it might help me make better use of the free heals. I’m pretty well geared and mana isn’t really an issue except long fights with lots of raid healing (i.e. PoH casts).

    I find I get into a kind of rythum healing with stuff like Serendipity and Borrowed Time.

    Maybe I should try it. Why do you like it for tracking these?

  3. feebis says:

    Well, I used to always miss my surge of light procs before I got powa auras . I’m pretty well geared too but maximising usage out of SoL is important to make the talent worth while. Anyway, it gives me a visual indicator and plays a sound so I know when its up and I always use it. With serendipity i have it displaying a symbol of a snowflake and I get it to change colour based on how many stacks I have. E.g. white = 1 stack, red =2 blue = 3. It just gives a quick visual and audio indicator for buffs and debuffs (I also use it for light and gravity bomb on XT) which improves my response time, that’s why I like it.

    Just my 5 cents.

  4. derevka says:

    I really like using Power Auras for SOL tracking. I have it with a sound and a graphic (with timer). It really helps me with a quick free heal. (Bonus pro-tip: bind Flash of Light to clique for a quick free heal off the MT.)

  5. melsana says:

    Ditto. I love it for tracking SoL and Serendipty. I can’t imagine not using it now. The count down timer is great too so you know just how long you can wait before using that free-instant= flash heal.

    I also like it for showing me when my mana is below 30% so I know to send out my shadow fiend.

    Also knowing that SoL has proc’d is great for fights with movement since it is now an instant cast, you can cast it while on the move.

  6. BobTurkey says:

    Hmm you all make convincing arguments. Perhaps i’ll have to give it a try.

  7. BobTurkey says:

    Eww, you were right. Great for SoL procs. Not overly useful for Serendipity, but awesome for making use of SoL.

    I now have it set up for both, but i’m pretty sure i’m going to drop Serendipity from Power Auras. I might add my glyphed Guardian Spirit CD to it so I can use that even more. I’m using GS most pulls as it generates no threat initially and can effectively heal the tank 15-20k if needed.

    Added it for my baby druid too for clearcasting procs (Omen of Clarity) and eventually Eclipse.

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