Holy raiding


I finally got a chance to road test Holy over the weekend.  A couple of guildies organised a quality (i.e. gear checked) Naxx 25 PUG.  I was late on and the last healer to join.  Wow! Five priests in the raid.  This will be interesting.  Two shadow and three discipline speced including me.  I get summoned and they are at the first boss in Spider wing.  My healing assignment? … Raid.

OK, now might be a good time to try out Holy. So after the big beetle dies I respec Holy and start mentally preparing for it (i.e. trying to recognise the buttons 😉 ).  While im doing this the master looter calls for off spec rolls on Sash of the Parlor.  Off spec?  Yep no one wants it.  Its a small upgrade for me so I roll.  No one else does.  Wierd. Upgrade one secured.

We clear trash.  First impression is, “wow we are packing serious DPS tonight!”  Second impression is, “hey this Circle of Healing spell is awesome!”  I just wander around hitting my ‘3’ key every 6 or so seconds and raid healing is done.

Next we decide to just burn Grand Widow Fae down.  Tank pulls, everything stops.  Vent erupts in “I think i’ve DC’ed” comments and we wipe after about ten people DC including all except one healer.  Glad we got that out of the way 🙂

After that we just destroyed the place.  We had one wipe on Thaddius when there was a mis-communication following a ready check.  It was text book killing.  No long breaks for AFKs (i’m the culprit of these on occasion), everyone danced on Heigan except 1 or 2, everyone knew the fights.  Very few stood in blizzards or red glowing things on the floor. Lots of DPS.  Healing is so much easier when everything dies fast.  Naxx 25 pug clear in 4 hours.  I think the DPS was the main difference between this run and the regular guild runs in Naxx 25.  I only saw one meter somewhere near the start of the run and one of my guildies, who usually pushes about 5k DPS, wasn’t even in the top 10.  DBM recorded record kill times on every boss, some of them 25% faster than previous runs.  The raid was a real pleasure.

I picked up the last 2 badges for my Valorous Shoulderpads of Faith. I also won the rolls for Serene Echoes (finally) and Urn of Lost Memories (first time i’ve seen it drop).

Holy healing is a nice change.  I was only using Flash Heal, PoM, CoH, PoH, Guardian Spirit (once or twice) and Light Well.  A few used the Light Well, but it was only ready effective on Loatheb.  Coming from discipline I noticed the restricted number of instant heals, but usually between CoH and PoM there was enough.  I didn’t really notice the additional throughput, but it was only a moderate workout healing-wise.  Interesting spec, must try it again sometime.

I’ll be going holy any time i’m raid healing from now on.  Even got me the Glyph of guardian Spirit to play with 😉 Guardian angel wings FTW!


4 Responses to Holy raiding

  1. sparklefreeze says:

    lol, i wish i had awesome DPS bring me through a Naxx 25 too. Sadly, it means the diff between a CoH session and a PoH session.. Sucks big time.

  2. melsana says:

    I love my Glyph of Guardian Spirit. I find it very useful since I used to always forget to cast that spell. It was one of those catch 22 spells. You save it for when you NEED it, but then when you need it, you forget about it, because you never use it, so it isn’t used at all. With the glyph I’ve totally elimnated this issue, and it has saved many a life since, or just helped heal up the player faster which is also very useful.

  3. BobTurkey says:

    @melsana – Great! Thats how i’m hoping it will turn out for me 2. I’m pretty good at using Pain Supression while Disc, but it isn’t as awesome as GS. I figure I get about 15% uptime on GS with the glyph so that should be a big help somewhere 🙂

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