First impressions of Uldar


Yes, yes I know Uldar has been out for a while.  I’m a casual raider remember?  Actually RL has been pretty busy of late and one weekend of raids were missed when I thought by graphics card had completely died.  It only half died and i’m picking up the new one today, but that is another story.

Uldar.  Where all the cool cats congregate.  Saturday night, after the awesome Naxx 25 run Friday night, I was minding my own business working off some rested XP on Moowall when I get a whisper from a guildie asking if I wanted to heal Uldar 10.  I didn’t really.  I kinda wanted to just level some alts and relax, not smash my head against progression raiding.  I have to admit I was a bit scared intimidated by Uldar.  I’d gotten used to familiar old Naxx and didn’t want to leave my comfort zone.

After a bit of procrastination I said “F*ck it!” and whispered back that i’d come.  I had at least 3 hours and who kenw when i’d get he offer again? So raid invite then blam!  On to business.  Summoning, assembling, entering, wow this place is big. Wondering around aimlessly while we sort out who’s riding in which vehicle.  I’m to be a passenger in one of the demolishers and I can’t even figure out how to get into the damn thing!  Turns out that one already had a passenger… Uldar noob!

What does this button do?  Wow targeting as a passenger is crazy.  Every time the vehicle turns my aim moves with it and occasionally seems to jump (auto targeting?) of its own accord.  Shoot stuff on the ground, shoot stuff in the air, hook power ups.  Apparently there is a steam guage or something somewhere, I sure can’t find it.

Shoot big tank, set oil on fire, whoa!  Run away from giant tank.  Hit nitro (at least I knew what my main job was).  Try shoot more stuff in the air.  Get ejected from demolisher?  Say what?  Get half a dozen achievements (well two i think). Oh Flame Leviathan is dead.  Crazy vehicle fight.  Not bad, just chaotic and not overly hard.  I felt we were doing well to get Shutout until I realised each boss has about ten achievements.  You get an achievement for just about everything in Uldar.  No healer loot.

Moving right along.  What?  Next boss already?  We just killed one.  This was one of the most noticeable themes of the night (other than my noobness).  After Flame Leviathan you pretty much just ride to the next boss, or perhaps kill one or two interesting trash pulls then arrive at the boss.

Next was Razorscale.  Me, my companions and a small army of Mr Fix-it type dwarfs rocks up to this big “fight the boss here” target on the ground.  My brain briefly kicks into jaded critic mode and wonders why Razorscale chooses to fight us at the only spot on the map with four broken harpoon turrets, but that is quickly overwritten by instructions on healing assignments, kill orders and don’t stand in blue stuff instructions.

Fight starts, the dark dwarves popup in their Thunderbirds-are-go mole vehicles and the killing begins.  Most of the rest of the fight is a blur healing until at a critical moment I get knocked back most of the way to Dalaran and out of range of the MT.  He dies.  The DPS all die.  The OT gets him under control and the healers smite him mightily down from 5%.  Phew!  Crazy, chaotic, but quite fun.  No healer loot. I wouldn’t mind this sometime Eye of the Broodmother.

I love giant robots. Even if they fly through the air and do an AoE stun on me 🙂  Next we clear a bit more trash.  These might be innocent robots who were just hanging out at the scrap pile at the end of a hard employment cycle? Kill everything!  I had a lot of trouble concentrating on these guys because there was this giant robot at the back of the room doing warm up exercises?!? WTF?

We pull the giant robot to the side of the room. OMG what is that stupid noise?  Is that supposed to be the robots voice?  That’s just dumb.  After reading about it I was expecting something funny, but that was just … lame. *shrugs*  Hunters kill adds, big robot spends most of the time taking a break while we kill his heart.  He did throw a tantrum or two but they weren’t too bad.  Divine Hymn fixed the first one.  Its all over.  More achievements.  Something to do with Gravity bombs.  Plasma Foil drops.  Nice!  I lose the roll.  Never mind.

Three bosses no wipes.  Uldar is supposed to be hard I think.  Or has it been nerfed down to Naxx level?

Trash on the way to Kolgarn.  Wipe.  Knock back into patrols = bad.  Release, run back, these teleporters are going to make me lazy.  Turkelife will have to go on a diet (no more Great Feasts by herself).

Kologarn looks cool.  Kill right arm, dodge eye beams, heal through Stone Grip, check.  Go!  Tank charges Kologarn and off the edge of the platform.  Instant death! WTF?  Wipe.  Run button got stuck apparently.   Release, run back, these teleporters are going to make me lazy.  Another wipe or two but the big guy goes down.  Literally.  Quite a cool fight.  I like the eye beams.  Spark of Hope! Part of my slightly alcohol fogged brain screams, “thats good, get it!”.  I roll, no one else does.  Sweet!  If I ever think i’ll have mana issues I can always equip this.  Shame its +100 spirit not +100 spell power.  Must post about trinkets sometime.

Big complicated trash on the way to Auriaya.  Apparently you have to kill them at the same time and kill sparks or something.  Glad i’m just the healer.  Why did that tank just run out of range?  Auriaya + cats was quite a fun challenge.  A fair bit of movement as she is repositioned and of course restacking after fear.  I learned later the stacking was to minimise the effect of the 80k Sonic Screech she does.  More cats spawned and turned into void zones on death.  More repositioning.  One shot!  Nurturing Touch dropped and this time it was my conscious that knew this was worth having.  Once again I rolled and no one else did.  Apparently the holy priest didn’t want it. *shrugs* No complaints here.

More teleporters on the way to Ignis.  Soon we’re standing in front of two very big red giants.  The trash in here is nothing if not variable.  They got tanked spread out. I guess there was a stacking debuff or something.  We get to the top of the stairs and the comment is, “where is all the trash?”  Apparently there used to be heaps and now there isn’t.  A few chaotic pulls with flaming tornadoes and we’re on to Ignis.

Wipe, wipe, wipe.  Wow this Ignis is a step up.  Healing him was about twice as hard as any of the others so far.  A few more wipes and the OT has to leave.  We discuss how to get a DPS, besides the Boomkin, to do 5k to the adds to shatter them, as the Boomkin can OT.  We eventually call it for lack of geared replacements.  Apparently people in blues were wanting invites and the RL was having fun ridiculing them in Vent.  I read later that in 10 man with a decent group you can just OT the adds and burn him down.  Next time.

So thats it.  Uldar is a bit harder than Naxx.  From what i’ve seen so far (not much) if you knew the fights like you did in Naxx it wouldn’t be too bad.  It seems less gimmicky, but still managed to have giant robots!  There is less trash, but the stuff that is there is harder than in Naxx.

I reviewed the gear in Uldar and there isn’t much more for me until heroic, but i’ll be doing the 10 man version again just for the challenge.  That’s got to be a good thing. 🙂


2 Responses to First impressions of Uldar

  1. sparklefreeze says:

    we wiped on Ignis trash 10 times the first time we went into Ulduar. That was before all the nerfs, but still.. pretty demoralising.. crushed ego. >.<

  2. Abi says:

    When Ulduar was first released, the trash was even brutal but several of the bosses have been nerfed more than once. It’s still a step up from Naxx but like any progression raid, once enough people know the fights and have done them before it becomes second nature. Grats on getting to see the place. Every fight so far is a blast but don’t worry, you’ll be smacking your keyboard around once you hit Mirmiron. He sucks T_T.. but after reading MMO-Champ, apparently he’s being nerfed lol.

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