T9 priest sets take two

30 June 2009

Now this is more like it.

Priest T9 Healing 2P Bonus – Increases the healing done by your Prayer of Mending spell by 20%.
Priest T9 Healing 4P Bonus – Increases the shield from your Divine Aegis and the instant healing from your Empowered Renew by 10%.

The two piece bonus I will now dub the anti-nerf.  A very nice increase to PoH if taken out of context, a counter to the proposed spell power coefficient nerf to PoH in 3.2 if taken in context.

Edit: that is what happens when you write posts in a hurry.  The 2 piece bonus effects PoM not POH.  This is still a nice bonus though.

A great set bonus for both healing specs.

The four piece bonus is ho-hum.  I assume, “Increases the shield from your Divine Aegis” means DA will now shield for 30%+3%=33% of healing not 30%+10%=40% of healing.  The latter would be nice for Discipline.

A fairly useless set bonus for both healing specs.

I supposed the T8 4 piece set bonus of extra spell power after casting PW:S was an unexpected treat and far from the norm of set bonuses.

Gobble gobble.

Tanking is scary

29 June 2009


Well I finally did it.  I’ve been preparing for about six months and I finally took the plunge.  I tanked a PUG!

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My experience with Discipline in Ulduar

27 June 2009


This post has been rolling around in the back of my head for a while and has really crystallised the recently with regular raiding in Ulduar.

As long time readers know i’m a big fan of Discipline spec priests and I have been blogging about them a lot in the last six months.  Conversely I have only recently started raiding as Holy spec. I had put off writing this post for a while as I was hoping it was a case of ‘oh shiny’ rather than a longer term trend, but here goes.

Holy priests are more effective than Discipline priests in Ulduar.

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Wow 3.4 to include automated questing

25 June 2009

Breaking news is that as of version 3.4 users will no longer have to manually quest.  The current questing system will be replaced by the following process:

  1. User navigates to a yellow exclamation mark on the map and accepts the quest from the quest giver
  2. User then optionally completes quest as currently implemented or clicks the “Begin quest” button associated with the quest
  3. Clicking Begin Quest displays a hour glass timer for a period of time, variable by quest, after which the user is prompted with the quest completion dialog to receive their reward.

Quest mobs will be randomly, instantly slain in the appropriate area and quest items previously requiring collection will random spawn and de-spawn.

WoW developers are on the record as having said, “this questing thing is just too challenging so we wanted to make it easier for the casual player”.


Yes its a joke post, but this isn’t.

Gobble gobble.

Priest entry level raid gearing in 3.2

23 June 2009


Like many of my posts this started of as a bit of research for my own interest and it just kinda grew into a blog post by itself.  I was wondering just what might be possible in 3.2 regarding gearing and how fast you could get raid-ready ™ using the altered emblem system in 3.2.  So here goes…

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