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My guild, Dead or Alive, seems to be leaning towards the former currently.  The guild leader is having one of his long breaks and he and his offsider have previously said they are looking at quiting WoW anyway.  The raid leader is busy (I think) in real life and I haven’t seem him for a few weeks.  A number of guildies, including many of the more ‘hardcore’ of them have already left the guild for greener pastures.

I’ve been busy also and not to worried about it, but the longer it goes on as it, and the more people leave, I start to wonder why i’m staying.  The lack of raids is starting to irk me a bit and I doubt we could get much more than a Naxx 10 run up anyway.  I’ve run in a few PUGS, some very good and some not quite so good.  I’m not sure PUGs+Uldar are going to work for the most part.

Dying but not dead.  I don’t think the guild will actually die, but it will shrink to very small.  We’ve gone from often having 15-30 people online to about 5-8. 😦

So let’s go guild shopping!

I checked out the top 20 or so Horde guilds on the server to see what my options were.  I wasn’t really expecting to make the top 10, but i’m happy to be a stand-by raider and just make it in every third raid or something, so I thought it was worth a look.

The most striking thing about the top guilds is how homogeneous their raid times are sun, mon, wed and thurs are the days most raid perhaps with a slight variation.  DoA was raiding wed, fri and sat, which worked pretty good for me.  So that rules out the top 10 or so who say they will /gkick you if you don’t attend 90% of the time or ever go AFK.  Hmm, too hardcore for me.  I can change my raid times, but I have a life outside WoW and can only raid a couple nights a week.

What I need is a casual raiding guild, preferable with a preference for adult players.  I found the perfect guild but they were alliance.  Bummer.

I am hoping on finding a guild that has at least started some Uldar raiding even if they aren’t clearing the place on a faceroll.  So that leaves two guilds.  I’ve raided with members from both and they seem pretty decent.  Wish me luck!

Currently adrift


5 Responses to Guild shopping

  1. tartdarling says:

    Eww, guild shopping can kind of suck sometimes. Best of luck though! 🙂

    I mean what guild can resist a theorycrafting healer?!

  2. xeonio says:

    Those are some weird raid days. My group goes Fri / Sat for Ulduar25.

    If you are casual then I’d just sit in Ironforge… errr… Dalaran and look around at peoples gear. See someone in partial t8.5 / 8, check their guild. From there you can check on their raid days, requirements, and armory check more of their members.

  3. derevka says:

    Bob, I know EXACTLY what you mean. My guild just stopped raiding as well. (Incoming blog post, actually). We were at Phase 3 25-Yogg. I recently joined a new guild (progressing on Hard Modes), so i hope this new home will be comfortable as my last. 3 years in my previous guild has made the transition tough.

    You’ll find a place… good competent healers are always needed.

  4. BobTurkey says:

    @tart – thanks muchly

    @xeonio – Yeah it must be some wierd demographic stereo-type about Australians in the 18-40 age bracket.

    @derevka – Cool. I’ll be reading that when it comes out.

    Oh, well its will be the occassional *cringe* foray into the hit and miss world of PUG raiding and leveling alts until I find new home.

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