Baby druid

I haz one.

He’s only level 18 ATM and running, running, running around the Barrens.  I say he because its yet another male Tauren.  I have one female bloodelf and now three male taurens.  Strange.

Initially he was created because I was inspired to tree by a resto druid in my guild.  He was the other regular healer in most of our raids and a healer who I had confidence he could handle pretty much whatever was thrown at him.  I think it was also because the resto healing style (HoTs and stuff) is quite different to being a discipline priest (shields and laser heals).  Plus there is some sort of weird gravity to healing.  Once you start seriously healing it seems to be hard to escape.

I also wanted to try a critturkey boomkin for some reason.  I love to give any boomkin I raid with a /hug to say thanks for that lovely crit/haste aura.  Their spells looked kinda fun (I love spells with knock back) and their gear is similar to tree healing gear (I believe).  So I planned to leveling as boomkin.  Well its kinda working.  My other alt-in-progress is a prot warrior.  Prot warriors are dead easy to level.  They have little downtime, great mobility and survive accidental pulls with ease.  The baby boomkin is reminding me of leveling my priest which, while not something I didn’t enjoy, is more painful than leveling a plate wearing melee class.

The baby druid either casts an extra Wrath or two to kill stuff faster and then has to drink, or doesn’t and then is at risk of dying or has to eat.  It’s hard to pin down, but I think that while I love grinding some quests on the prot warrior I find leveling the druid a bit of a chore.  Some of it could be that i’m on my 4th toon, although I don’t mind the Barrens that much.

So he’s been flip flopping into bear form sometimes, which kinda works and I have been considering Feral.  I could respec into feral and level as bear/cat which I believe is the traditional way of leveling a druid.  That could be fun, but it’s a bit like admitting defeat on the boomkin leveling.  Maybe i’ll respec to take the mana regen talents from the resto tree first which should allow me to spam Wrath more and have less downtime.  14 extra levels to Moonkin form that way though … (level 54 instead of 40)

Aqua form is funky but the novelty might wear off.  It looks a bit weird, but the way it kinda bounces about as you move is novel.

I also created a druid because I have the vague long term goal to make him my main in preparation for when dual-specs becomes tri-specs or even penta-specs.  I mean druids can do everything can’t they? 🙂

Gobble gobble.


3 Responses to Baby druid

  1. Abi says:

    I leveled my Alliance Boomkin as Balance the whole time and it was definitely a struggle until 40 when you get Moonkin form. I think it was a mix between wearing nothing but cloth due to the lack of caster leather early on (thus taking more damage) and having a pretty tiny mana pool to continue “root nuking”. It get easier when you learn Starfire since it’s a more mana friendly nuke but you’ll be wearing cloth for quite awhile =\

  2. BobTurkey says:

    I’ve gotten over the hump now. I’m now level 23ish and I put the first 14 talent points into Resto. Now I have Omen of Clarity and 3/3 Intensity mana is no longer an issue.

    Starfire is a great pulling spell.

    I don’t root at all, Starfire > Wrath > Moonfire > smash a couple of times with staff works good.

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