Hi honey i’m home!


I’m only on trial, but i’ve found myself a new home.  Questionable Content accepted my application and I am now back with a raiding guild.  And so far so good.

Friday night I logged on to Turkelife, knowing this wasn’t a scheduled raid night, just to see what was happening.  Luckily I’ve got a continent and a half of old world quests to do for my Loremaster, so I have plenty to do 😉  About 30 minutes later I get an invite to join a fresh guild Uldar 10 run.  Awesome!  I need the practice and 10’s are a better platform for networking than 25s. Also its my first with the new guild and I want to be putting on a good show.  I was raiding as Disc, which I am very confident at.

First up we did Flame Leviathan in hard mode.  I love how you get Emblems of Conquest for doing hard mode 10s.  After that we killed a lot of bosses (normal mode) including my first kills of Hodir (easy and fun), Thorum (harder, gauntlet team sounded more fun than arena team) and Freya (what a lot of trash). We also downed Mimiron.  Raid leader took about 10 minutes going through all the phases and abilities and I was worn out even before we pulled him. 🙂  RL ends by saying “don’t worry just expereience it. It took us about 60 wipes to down him the first time.”  Apparently Mimiron is about the 2nd hardest fight behind Yogg.  Well the other’s haven’t been too hard so lets see…

Textbook one-shot! Sure the RL did an excellent job of calling the fight, but we rocked it!  Let me say this is my new favorite fight.  I love giant robots and this is an amazingly complex fight to learn.  Probably not so bad once you get it.  Healing was challenging and complex without being gimmicky (more on that below).

Eventually, fairly late, we make our way to General Vezax.  Wow this guy looks awesome.  This is the “no mana regen fight”.  Despite being tired (I heal like a pumpkin after midnight), we have a few attempts at it.  I don’t think Questionable Content has killed the General in 10 or 25s yet and we didn’t very far this time either.  I got killed by the saronite clouds the first time I used them.  They ticked damage faster than I expected and I was tired.  I got killed by Mark of the Faceless another time after taking 4.8k a tick from it.  Apparently it doesn’t do that much damage, but the warlock said he was accidentally standing near me with life drain(?), which was probably what killed me.  Combat log says the Mark did, but i’m too tired to care by now.  Oh, just check wowhead.  The warlock had Mark of the Faceless, which does nothing to him but 5k/s to me.  That will do it.  Thought it was a lot of damage very fast. After about four attempts we call it (about 1am for me).

The General looks cool, but I don’t relly like the mana regen gimmick.  I prefer the bosses who require the fast and the furious healing like Mimiron and Kologarn.  I’m sure we’ll nail the General before long.  I think it’s more just getting tha hang of it (like most boss fights).   I might try Holy spec next time.  I think Lightwell and glyphed Guardian Spirit could both be very handy in this fight.   Or maybe as Disc i’ll talk to the RL and suggest I shield the tank, even when it’s not my turn to be healing him. *shrugs*

New horrizons.  Must read up on the Uldar bosses now.  I was ignoring them as I had little chance of seeing them, but now…  same for loot.

Sunday night I got invited to the Uldar 25 raid.  I’m raid healing as Holy.  I have far less experience with Holy and I am still sorting out the last kinks with buttons, macros and addons.  My set up is in working order, but not slick like my Disc one.

It was their third night of raiding so all the cream was gone and they were progressing on Mimiron 25.  No problem I thought, Mimiron 10 was fun and challenging but not hard.  Wow! Mimiron 25 is a step up.  They had been wiping on him for 2 hours before I joined.  No idea how they had gone but when I joined I think they had just survived to phase 3.  This guy is hard.  I still think this is my favourite fight but wow, what a step up in difficultly compared to 10s.

A few wipes and we were getting to P3.  Phase 1 is challenging with plasma blasts requiring saves instead of just a lot of healing as they do in 10s.  The poor melee still have to dodge Shocks and mines and one poor Ret pally (careful what you wish for DJ 😉 ) just couldn’t survive the first shockwave for the first half dozen wipes.  Other than losing count once and ‘saving’ blast three instead of blast four and causing a wipe I did pretty good.  P1 isn’t too bad as long as you make those saves.

Phase 2.  OMG!  We had three holy priests (including me) and a resto shaman raid healing and the damage in this phase is insane.  We quickly managed to get to the point where the raid damage wasn’t killing anyone (although I was chain casting the entire time) and except for one time when I got trapped like a rabbit in the headlights of his barrage (20k damage per 0.25 = dead) I survived well.

Phase 3 went fine once we started stacking, which seemed to help the tanks picking up the adds a lot.  Provided we kept the chopper away so the bomb bots didn’t spawn right next to the entire raid…

Phase 4 is just nuts.  Phases 1, 2 and 3 pretty much all rolled into one.  Our best attempt we got the three body parts to about 10% each and then I missed my save.

In hindsight it was stupid really. I should have clarified the issue straight away, but i didn’t want to look like a noob infront of the new guild.  What I discovered in the shower the next morning is that in P4 I wasn’t saving Plasma Blasts (which don’t exist in P4) but I was saving the tank from the Shockwaves so he doesn’t have to move out of them and reposition the boss all the time.  Here I was wondering why DBM wasn’t showing me the cast bar for Plasma Blast and how the other ‘savers’ were managing to do their job and I wasn’t.  So, mental note to self, in P4, when the big lightning emote starts around the bottom part of the boss and its my turn, save that bloody tank!! 🙂

Anyway after four hours (two for me) we called it.  People were getting tired.  The RL commented, and I hadn’t noticed it until he did, that there were no complaints, no finger pointing and everyone just got on with it.  I think i’m going to enjoy raiding in Uldar with this mob.

Gobble gobble.


5 Responses to Hi honey i’m home!

  1. emptyay says:

    Yay! I’m glad you found a new guild that you like 🙂

    I recently went back to my old guild, as they’re reforming and beginning progression through Ulduar. I think they have like 8-ish bosses down or something like that.

    All I know is that most of them are through Naxx, so I get all the loot hehe.

    Hope it works out for you!


  2. Abi says:

    Sounds like a really good group of people. Grats on the new guild and have fun experiencing Ulduar.

  3. xeonio says:

    Big grats on finding a new guild man and getting some new pwn going!

  4. BobTurkey says:

    Thanks. I hope it works out.

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